Thursday, October 25, 2018

Title: Reckless: An Anthology
Authors: Mika Jolie, Kylie Stewart,

P.M. Carson & Sharla Lovelace

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: Shanoff Designs
Release Date: November 8, 2018


You’ve done what’s expected.

You’ve stayed in the “good girl” lane.

How’s that working for you?

If you have a chance at falling in love . . .

Will you take matters into your hands?

Kiss a stranger with wild abandon?

Throw caution to the wind along with your clothes?

Don’t think about the consequences.

Dive into the forbidden, the off-limits.

Be fearless.

Be wild.

Be unpredictable.

Be reckless.

***Each novella in the Reckless anthology is a never before published,
swoon-worthy, standalone story by Mika Jolie, Kylie Stewart, P M Carson, and
Sharla Lovelace.


Participating Authors

Cover Design: Shanoff Designs

Can a fling turn into something real?

When the
world throws me a curveball, I run away from Chicago to Martha’s Vineyard.
Just for a
few days of soul searching before returning to my regular life. 
Then I meet
A curious
force draws me to him.
I don’t
believe in insta-love or the myth of happily-ever-after.
But the
chemistry between us is undeniable.
In his
arms, I find passion, learn who I am, and who I want to be.
Logic says
walk away.
Two ships
passing in the night.
Our lives
are too different.
The age gap
too wide.
But I crave
His touch.
His kiss.
Is one
amazing weekend enough to be the start of something?
Should I
flee again?
Or do I
dare take this Chance?

Cover Design: Cover it! Designs

My marriage only lasted three pathetic hours and forty-two
worthless minutes.
I thought coming home would be uncomplicated, that I could
start over.
Then he walked into my life.
Older. Wiser. Dangerous.
Grayson Turner gave me a night of absolute, toe-curling
That was supposed to be the end.
Only his rough edges cut me open, and I can feel again.

My marriage crumbled after I caught my ex-wife in a lie.
I’ve had enough of the BS and games that go along with love.
And then I caught sight of Gemma Castile standing in my
Instantly, she seeps under my skin.
She’s twenty-eight and I’m forty.
One night of reckless passion.
That’s all it was supposed to be.

Together, we ventured into the deep …

Cover Design: Cover it! Designs

Canelli likes his women the way he likes his martinis. 
sexy and in various flavors.   
Shaken or
stirred, classic and swank, original or edgy. 
He loves
them all. 
The dirtier
the better.
All the
pleasure with no ill effects. No interference. No dependency. 
satisfied, he leaves the glass empty. 
Until a
fresh shiny label, unique in style and garnish, appears.
Heady. Habit forming. One sip leaves Drew a staggering drunk.
Hooked and
hung over, cold turkey is his only hope.
But this
time, he can’t resist the potent mix that promises to bite him back.

Martinis is a modern spin on the traditional cocktail.

Cover Design: Shanoff Designs

James might have lost her mind.
definitely lost her job.
actually—over the phone—with a boss more intimidating than God, after finding
out that he gave her promotion to a manipulative, scheming sleazebag.
Off the
rails with rage, predictable, rigid, all-work-and-no-play Ava decides to let
her wild side fly.
What work
trip? A long weekend in the Caribbean sounds better.
And the
broody but hot stranger she can’t seem to shake? He’s getting under her skin in
a very tasty way.
West is a highly trained covert operative looking to avenge his brother's death,
but he never imagined that dark path involving her.
Ava James.
The face he
has tracked from afar for years, and the one person who showed his broken
brother kindness.
She’s being
set up to fall or to die, and he can’t let either happen. Ava wears a tough
shell, but up close—dangerously close—he sees her.
All of her.
And now
she’s suddenly someone he needs to protect as much as betray.

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