Monday, December 10, 2018

Title: The Way You Are

Series: Carolina Connections #5
Author: Sylvie Stewart

Publisher: Rolling Hearts Press
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: December 12, 2018


“They say nice guys always finish last. I say the only place that should apply is in the bedroom—it’s just good manners, after all.” – Brett MacKinnon,
nice guy and frequent resident of the friend zone

There are really only three things I need in life: sex, baseball, and winning. My hot boyfriend and season tickets take care of the first two, while I always do my best to cover the last. So developing an unexpected crush on a new friend is
more than a little inconvenient. I don’t have anything but friendship to offer Brett, but with the way he looks at me, he has me wishing I did.

 I’ve been put in the friend zone so often, they’ve got a sandwich named after me. You’d think I’d be used to it by now. But when it comes to the delectable Liv, I’m
determined to ditch the friend zone and show her I’m boyfriend material. Too bad the position’s already been filled by a ball-playing caveman who could flatten me with his pinky.

What will it take to show Liv that nice guys can be more than just friends, and that love is the one game truly worth winning?

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It was then I realized I was wearing a t-shirt, boxer
briefs, and nothing else. Fuck. Me. I snatched the beer bottle up in a panic and turned to the sink. “Uh, yeah. So, I hope it’s okay that your dog just drank a beer.”

“Bo!” She scolded the dog but didn’t sound like she meant
it. “You pledging a fraternity now?” I heard her pat him. “Go on. You cleaned it up enough.”

The dog smacked his jaws one more time and his nails clicked on the tile floor as he retreated to the living room.

I glanced over my shoulder. “Sorry I woke you up.”

“You didn’t. I was having trouble sleeping.” She sidled up
to the counter next to the sink where I stood with my crotch pressed against the cabinet. “You know, unfamiliar bed,” she explained, leaning forward and propping her cheek on a hand. “What about you?” I swear I caught a smirk

“Uh, same. Couldn’t sleep.” This was ridiculous. “You want a
beer? I’ve got a couple more in the fridge, unless you want to finish the one your dog started.”

“No, thanks.” She pushed back off the counter and I turned
around without thinking. Her eyes shot right to my junk and I winced inwardly.
My only hope was that it was too dark for her to see much of anything.

But it was no hope. She pulled her lips between her teeth to
suppress her smile… or laugh… or whatever the hell she was thinking.

I threw my hands out, launching the paper towel roll over
the counter and into the next room. “I’m a guy! What do you want me to say?” I brought one hand back in a gesture up and down her small frame. “A girl walks
around in her underwear and the cock gets a mind of his own.”

Her mouth flew open and she looked down at her skimpy
clothes. “I’m not in my underwear!”

“May as well be,” I shot back. I had nothing to lose at this
point. I might as well have been standing there stark raving naked with my dick bobbing in the air.

“You’re the one in your underwear!” Again, she drew
attention back to my straining cock before having the decency to look back up at my face.

“I guarantee the material I’m wearing could make six of what
you’re wearing!”

“These are pajamas.” She pulled at the material of her top,
making it stretch tighter over her tits.

“You’re not helping!” I shouted, which just brought her
attention to my dick yet again. At this rate, it was likely to make an appearance over the waistband of my boxer briefs.

She crossed her arms. “Are you sure about that?” She raised
a brow and I couldn’t take it anymore. I stalked past her. It wasn’t that I couldn’t find humor in the situation—or, more likely, wouldn’t be able to a few weeks from now. It was that I didn’t want to be a joke to her, and I was afraid
that’s what I might be.

“I’m sorry.” She grabbed my arm as I passed, and the feel of
her fingers flexing on my skin stilled me. “Sometimes I can’t help myself. I mean, you’re standing here in your underwear with a sizeable hard-on. It’s not like I can just ignore it.”

“I’d actually prefer if you did.” Then I paused and
backtracked a few seconds. She said sizeable. Nice.

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Author Bio

USA Today bestselling author Sylvie Stewart is
addicted to Romantic Comedy and Contemporary Romance, and she’s not looking for a cure. She hails from the great state of North Carolina, so it’s no surprise
that most of her books are set in the Tar Heel state. She’s a wife to a hilarious dude and mommy to ten-year-old twin boys who tend to take after their father in every way. Sylvie often wonders if they’re actually hers, but
then she remembers being a human incubator for a gazillion months. Ah, good times.

Sylvie began publishing when her kids started elementary
school, and she loves sharing her stories with readers and hopefully making them laugh and swoon a bit along the way. If she’s not in her comfy green
writing chair, she’s probably camping or kayaking with her family or having a glass of wine while binge-watching Hulu. Or she’s been kidnapped—so what are
you doing just sitting there?!!

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