Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Title: Brothers in Arms

Series: Kings of Mayhem MC #2
Author: Penny Dee
Genre: MC Romance/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 26, 2019


Someone is going to pay.
But who?

They took
someone from me.
And I’m
going to make them pay.
In blood.
But before
I can do that, I have to make sure my girl is safe.
And I will
do whatever I have to, even break my own heart, to make sure she survives.
Because she
is my queen.

His grief
is overwhelming and I can feel the gap widening between us.
Someone is
coming after the Kings of Mayhem MC.
And we are
trapped as they play out their evil scheme.
under the cover of darkness, they are coming for each of us, one by one, to
play out their own twisted vendetta.
And no one
is safe.

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When I
opened my eyes, the door to the bathroom opened and Cade stepped in, his face
and hair soaked with rain.
I watched
him pull his shirt over his head, remove his boots, and the rest of his
clothes. When he was completely naked, he stepped into the shower, and without
a word, took me in his arms and pressed his mouth to mine. My body immediately
responded and I melted against him, seeking comfort and pleasure in his hard
body as it commanded me backwards until my back was against the wet, tiled
wall. His big hands moved up to my face while his mouth moved fiercely over
mine until his kiss left me breathless.    
But his
kiss petered out as his emotion overtook him. I looked up into his tormented
face. Pain and grief were like shadows in his eyes. His face was stiff and I
could feel his heartbreak radiating from him with every beat of his heart. He
dropped his forehead to mine.
 “I don’t know how to do this,” he said, his
voice deep and strong, but at the same time, pained and heartbroken.
“It’s going
to be okay,” I whispered.
He drew in
a deep breath, his hooded eyes fixed to mine. “I don’t know what I would do if
I lost you . . .” His voice broke and his thumbs found the slick skin of my
lower lip, his eyes intensely focused on it. I had only seen Cade cry once.
When he was eighteen and he’d ridden all the way to Seattle to beg me to come
back to him after we had broken up. Otherwise, he was fiercely stoic. But now,
standing in the steam, he was barely in control.
“I’m not
going anywhere,” I replied.
His anguish
was deep. I watched him squeeze his eyes shut and felt the slow exhale of
breath as he opened them again. Droplets of water fell in rivulets down his
beautiful face and dripped onto his parted lips.
His brows
drew together.
“It hurts,”
he whispered.
I nodded.
“I know.”
He tried to
kiss me but his lips trembled against mine and he pulled away. He slapped his
palms against the tiled wall and took a moment. Water poured over his head and
down his broad, muscular back. His face crumpled and he slowly sank to his
knees, burying his face in my stomach.

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Author Bio

Penny Dee
writes contemporary romance about rockstars, bikers, hockey players and
everyone in-between. She believes true love never runs smoothly, and her
characters realize this too, with a boatload of drama and a whole lot of steam.

She found
her happily ever after in Australia where she lives with her husband, daughter
and a dog named Bindi.

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