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Title: Hard at Work

Series: Nice and Dirty #3
Author: Lola StVil
Genre: Dark Alpha Romance

Release Date: February 25, 2019


When a clumsy
waitress spilled a drink on me, I looked up to see who this woman was. Her name
is Aria Stevens. She is gorgeous and her curves are so dangerous they should
come with a warning. 

When her boss fires
her for spilling the drink, I offer her a job at my firm. I find out that not
only is she hot, she’s also smart and funny. I want her so damn bad; it hurts.
But she’s skittish and shies away from me. I thought she was staying away
because I’m her Boss, but its more than that; she’s a virgin. 

Now that I know, I
have plans for Aria and I will make sure that I claim not only her body but
also her heart and soul. She says she’s single because men are hard to deal
with. But I’ll show her that a hard man is exactly what she needs. 

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What the
fuck am I doing here? That’s the question that keeps on running through my head
as I circulate around the governor’s ball. Yeah, the fucking governor’s ball.
It’s so not my scene, but it’s the sort of event that opens doors. You get seen
at a place like this, and the money in the room knows your business is
I fit in
because I force myself to, but my suit itches and irritates me. I’d be so much
more comfortable in jeans and a tool belt, but as the owner of Colton Blackwell
Industries, I find myself in a suit way more often than I’d like.
I smile
politely and nod as a woman dripping in diamonds and wearing a little too much
of over-expensive foreign scent tells me her issues with the current political
system for the fourth time. I’m trying to figure out how the fuck I can get
away from her without being outright rude, when I see her. A vision. An actual
fucking angel.
I can only
see her from the back, but the way her black cocktail dress hugs her hips makes
her ass captivate me. I feel my cock stiffening as I look her over. She’s tall,
but she’s not one of those girls who try to shrink themselves. She has her
shoulders back, her head held high. She balances the tray of champagne on her
hand with ease, moving through the crowd with a quiet grace. The electric-blue
streak in her jet-black hair makes her look exotic, like she knows how to kick
back and some fun.
I have no
idea what the woman talking to me is saying. From the second my eyes set on that
waitress, there’s been no room in my head for anything else. I see myself
walking up behind her, taking the tray from her, and throwing it to one side. I
stand behind her, push her dress up, and rip away her panties. I bend her over
the table and fuck her senseless.
Blackwell? Are you all right?”
Hearing my
name pulls me out of the fantasy and I turn back to the conversation. I fake a
Sorry, I felt a little dizzy for a moment there,” I say. “Would you excuse me?
I think I need a bit of air.”
I walk away
before she has a chance to reply, and I’m sure I offended her, but it would
surely offend her more if she happened to glance down and see I had a hard-on.
I slip into the bathroom and lock the door, leaning back against it, waiting it
out until my cock goes down. I want to jerk off, to let my fantasies run wild
as I picture the waitress. If the front of her is even half as pleasing on my
eye as the back, then fuck me am I in trouble if I see her again.
I am
shocked at the reaction she caused in me. I haven’t so much as glanced at a
woman in almost two years. There’s no deep reason for it, no skeleton in my
closet. I just got sick of being part of the dating scene. It’s a mess of gold
diggers, social climbers, and women with whom I just had nothing in common and
no chemistry.
But her?
She awoke a side of me I thought was gone for good. The side of me that wants
to make her scream my name through her raw throat as she comes for the third
and fourth time. The side that makes me want to taste her pussy, claim it as
mine and fuck her all day, every day.
this way is doing nothing to get my hard-on to go away, and I resign myself to
the fact that I’m going to have to jerk off in the governor’s bathroom. Not
something I ever saw myself doing. But then, I didn’t know that such a rare
beauty existed, that such fire could course through my body and make me lose
complete control.
I take care
of my business and clean my cock with some toilet paper. I flush it away and
wash my hands. I walk back out into the room. I stand on the edges, scanning
the room, but I don’t see her. Instead I see an ocean of wealthy, glamorous,
small-minded, fake people—the in crowd.
I can fake
the smiles and feign interest in things I don’t give a rat’s ass about, but I’ll
never be one of them. Not really. I don’t want to be. I want Colton Blackwell
Industries to flourish, and I like the fact I’m only twenty-nine and already a
millionaire, but it hasn’t changed who I am. And who I am is not one of these
people. I’m just a normal guy who turned his passion into a business. I was
shocked when the governor called me and asked me to complete a large extension
on one of his properties. I was even more surprised when he personally oversaw
the job. And the last thing I expected was an invite to his ball. I mean, come
on. Like, what the actual fuck?
It’s been a
whole lot of surprises, and the most surprising part of it all is my reaction
to the waitress. Part of me wants to stay right here until I see her again, but
part of me wants to turn around, leave, and try to forget her. That won’t be
easy, but I swore off women and I have no intention of that changing. Just
because she looks so damn good in a dress doesn’t mean she’ll be different than
the rest, and I have no intention of getting involved with her or anyone else.
I decide to
give it another half an hour and then slip away. To leave too early would be
seen as a snub on the governor, and I’m not an idiot. I know that, as much as I
hate this fake shit, to land big projects, you have to know the right people. I
decide to go out on the balcony and get some fresh air like I said I was.
I start to
cross the room, nodding hello at the few faces I recognize as I go. I am
halfway across when my cell phone buzzes in my pocket. I fish it out and look
down at the screen. Before I even register who it is, I feel someone collide
with me.
A loud
clatter fills the air, and I feel champagne soaking into my expensive suit. I
stand there, frozen in time. Not because of the champagne, but because I find
myself face to face with my girl.
Her face is
a mask of horror, but she is still beautiful. She has big brown doe eyes that
stare back at me with the same intensity I am staring at her. Her lips are
full, red and sensuous, and I can’t help imagining how they would feel wrapped
around my cock. She looks every bit as good from the front as she did from the
back. Her breasts aren’t big, but they are perky, and I want to caress them, to
pull them into my mouth. I feel my cock starting to rise again.
I remind
myself that I’m done with dating, but something tells me this waitress will
break that resolve without trying. There’s something special about her.
Something that scares me. Because when I look at her, I don’t see a quick fuck
and a goodbye. I see a lifetime.


I hate
being a waitress. There, I said it. The thing is, I need this job. The pay is
reasonable and the tips make it good money. Good enough to pay for business
school and cover my bills and not intense enough that I can’t get any studying
The most
annoying thing about waitressing is that even though I hate it, I’m pretty good
at it. I look good enough in a tight black dress, I can be unobtrusive, and I
have decent skills when it comes to balancing overloaded drinks trays on my
hands. It’s not my passion, though. My passion is business, but I want to learn
the ropes before I dive in. I’m only twenty-one; I have plenty of time to do
this the right way.
I walk
around the room with my tray of drinks, smiling politely, subtly collecting up
empty glasses, and generally wishing I was anywhere but here.
“Excuse me,
miss,” someone behind me calls.
I turn my
head and realize they are talking to one of the other waitresses. I turn back
the way I’m walking, but it’s too late. I collide with a man. The tray flies
from my hand, hundreds of dollars’ worth of glassware crashes to the ground,
and the champagne from all those glasses soaks him.
I freeze,
looking at the mess I made. And then my eyes meet his. His eyes are dark brown,
almost black. They are stormy and dangerous and utterly addictive. I feel a
rush of wetness between my legs as his piercing gaze locks on to mine. Great.
I’m practically coming in my panties and he’s going to yell at me. The more I
look at him, the wetter and more flustered I get.
I wish I
spotted him sooner, like before I’d doused him in expensive champagne. Not that
it matters. Someone like him wouldn’t waste their time with a waitress. And
besides, I have a boyfriend and I’m not the kind of girl who cheats. I’m generally
not the kind of girl who gets wet looking at strangers, either.
I manage to
pull my gaze from his long enough to take in the expensive suit I ruined and
the taut muscles beneath it. I feel myself tingling as I take him in.
I realize
that the crashing sound of the tray falling to the floor has caused everyone in
the room to fall silent. I feel heat start to flush my cheeks. I wait for him
to make a scene. I am so fired. I don’t know what to do. Should I run for a
towel? Clean up the glass? I should at least apologize.
“I … I’m so
sorry,” I stammer.
My words
break the spell, and the tantrum never comes. The man gives me a half shrug and
smiles, a smile that lights up his eyes and sends another shiver running
through me. He crouches down and begins to pick up the pieces of broken glass.
I see the governor rushing toward us. He nods subtly to another waiter, who
takes the hint: get the mess cleaned up. The conversation in the room starts up
again as the other guests realize they’re staring.
The governor
reaches us. “Colton, I’m so sorry about this.”
He doesn’t
give Colton a chance to respond before he turns to me.
your name?” he demands.
“Aria. Aria
Stevens, sir,” I whisper.
“Well, Aria
Stevens, it’s time for you pack your things and get out of here. And I’ll make
sure you never work in this town again. You’re a disgrace.”
I feel
tears flood my eyes. I need this job.
“I …” I
I stop,
knowing I won’t be able to say any more without crying. Colton glares at the
governor and then turns to me. He smiles and holds out his hand.
“Hi. I’m
Colton Blackwell,” he says. “And I’d love to have you...”

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Only 99c + free in Kindle Unlimited!!


Only 99c + free in Kindle Unlimited!!


Author Bio

Lola StVil
is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who writes Fantasy in
addition to Contemporary romance. She has written over a dozen books and loves
taking her readers on an emotional roller coaster ride. She is currently living
in California and enjoys staying in touch with her readers.

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