Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Title: Aurora Rose Reynolds'

Happily Ever Alpha World
Authors: Various

Publisher: Boom Factory Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: April 16, 2019


As a reader, I look for books that are sweet with low angst and have an over-the-top alpha male. I have always loved reading about couples that find each other at
the beginning of a book and fall in love page after page, never really having a true separation. Never finding enough of those kinds of stories on the market,
I decided to write my own. It was then the Until Series and the “BOOM” was born.

The Until Series is now published in ten languages, and the series, has sold millions copies worldwide. This series has taken on a life of its own, and readers from
all over the world are constantly asking for the next installment, which is why I have opened my world to some of my favorite authors.

If you are a fan of the Until Series you are going to love each and every one of these books. Whether you are reading about one of your favorite secondary characters,
catching a glimpse of one of the Maysons or visiting one of the local stores or coffee shops. And if you haven’t read any of my “Until” books but love alpha males, strong women and sweet romance I promise you are going to love these

Participating Authors

Available at other retailers soon

Gails review of Scary Hot by KD Robichaux ❤️

i absolutely loved Z and Kayan in Until July, but when I found that the one and only KD Robichaux was going to be the one giving us there story... I freaked out.. I absolutely love Kayla's writing.. so I knew this would be epic!!
Z is friends with Wes from Until July. Z is also in a MC, and a former Military man.. so he has it all going on... All that goodness wrapped in that 6'5"+ frame.. Let me tell ya.. that man is DELICIOUS!
Kayan is the BF and office manager for July at her Vet office.. She is a Sassy Spitfire wrapped up in a skintight Cat Suit.. (you will see)
I loved the back and forth these two had.. The adventures Kayan and July would go on.. and the sexy hot times Z an Kayan had..
I loved this story... I know you will too.. AMAZING JOB!!

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