Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Beast ~ L.Grubb


It’s ALMOST Christmas!! So L. Grubb has put BEAST #FREE for the holidays – Grab a copy while it’s
still FREE. This is a limited time deal!

Praise for BEAST:
5 ***** ‘Well HOLY CRAP. That was f*cking amazing and
extremely hot!’ – Lisa (Two Bookish Brits) 

5 ***** ‘I read Beast in one
sitting and absolutely freaking loved it! There was not ONE thing that I didn't
like about this.
’ – Laura Smith
 ‘This book was most
definitely a 5 star read and I would rate it more if I could! I cannot wait for
Roofie's story next in this series and from the looks of this book, I'm hoping
it goes the way I think!
’ – Emma Johnston

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I’m a man no one fucks with.
I’m a man all the bitches want.
I’m also the world champion of MMA…Mafia style.
I don’t get my name from winning, I get my name for my
size. I am a BEAST, I’m also the one your father’s warn you little girls about.

Beast has had his life set for him for an early age, he
was pushed into training to fight the world’s best. His father had his eyes on
the dollar signs while he forced his son into the brutal world of MMA. He was
trained hard, and he became the best. But the bosses have changed the rules and
the rules are about to fuck him over. He will bring hell down onto the MMA circuit
and he will become top man. But will he gain the power he deserves? Or is
everything he’s worked so hard for been for nothing?

 Carlotta is a fierce woman whose life hasn’t been quite
straight cut. But she leads her path in the right direction, sort of. When the
opportunity arises to make extra money to fund her passion, she takes it.

She trains. She fights. She wins.
Meeting Beast was an unpleasant experience, and her
dislike for his egocentric and arrogant behaviour rubs her the wrong way, but
her curiosity is piqued and she can’t remove him from her mind. Will their one
night of passion lead to anything? Or will being in the MMA lifestyle tear them
apart before they get started?
Who will win the ultimate battle of hatred and anger?
Will they fight for their passion or will it come crumbling down around them
with severe consequences?

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