Sunday, December 8, 2019

Censored Soul ~ Anne Malcom

Unquiet Mind #5
Release Date: December 8

I give myself to strangers.

When I'm on stage, and when I'm off it.

Whether it's throngs of screaming fans or just one man, it's always outsiders. People who don't know me. Not the real me.

It's easier, because then it's not so obvious that there is no real me. Just layers of lies. 

Then I'm peeled back to the nerve. Showing the world my ugly. Everyone sees me for what I am.

Rightfully so, they hate me.

Almost as much as I hate myself.

I'm willing to hate myself for what I've done. To wither away into some washed up old rock star.

But he doesn't let me.

I want to hate him.

He doesn't let me do that either.

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Meet Anne Malcom:

Anne Malcom  has been an avid reader since before she can remember, her mother responsible for her book addiction. It started with magical journeys into the world of Hogwarts and Middle Earth. As she grew up, her reading tastes grew with her. Her obsession with books and romance novels in particular, gave Anne the opportunity to find another passion, writing. Finding writing about alpha males and happily ever afters more fun than reading about them, Anne is not about to stop any time soon.
Raised in small-town New Zealand, Anne had a truly special childhood, growing up in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. She has backpacked across Europe, ridden camels in the Sahara, eaten her way through Italy, and had all sorts of crazy adventures. Currently living in London, she’s on a whole new adventure. 
Watch this space…

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