Monday, January 6, 2020

Forbidden Lust ~ Brooke Summers

Title: Forbidden Lust

Series: Kingpin #1
Author: Brooke Summers
Genre: Romantic Suspense

Cover Design: Lee Ching, Undercover Designs
Release Date: January 23, 2020


The past should be left in the past. Just like the mystery man, who rocked Mia's world.

When Mia goes home for the summer to meet her new step-father, she gets the shock of her life...

Her step–brother is the guy who she's been dreaming of, her mystery man who she can’t forget.

When these two get together they explode.

But Hudson has a dark secret.

He’s a Kingpin. The drug lord. The man that nightmares are made of.

What happens when Mia finds out?

Will she run? If she does Hudson knows he will search every inch of the world to find her.

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I stare up at him, wanting more of him, wishing he'd push me against the wall and fuck me. I know that it's wrong, our parents are married. I shouldn't even be having these
thoughts. His hands go to my ass, and he gently squeezes my cheeks.
"Hudson, God, why are you doing this to me?" I whisper, willing myself to walk away but I'm rooted to the spot, he has that pull on me that my body and heart are drawn to him.
"Because Mia, you're mine. You walked into my club and totally eclipsed everyone. Your beauty outshone everyone there, but the best thing about you is that smile of yours.
Once you came home with me you cemented the fact that you were mine." His amber eyes darken as his hands tighten on my ass.
"But we don't even know each other." I remind him. Hell, I know nothing about him besides his name and that he owns Synergy.
He pulls me against him and I can feel his erection. I bite back my moan. "Princess, we have all the time in the world to get to know each other."
I shake my head. He seems to have an answer for everything. "You're a smooth talker Hudson
His smirk is annoying but sexy, "You want a date?"
I narrow my eyes at him, "Have you ever dated anyone?"
His eyes widen as he shakes his head. "No, I don't date." He says it as if it's the most ludicrous thing in the world.
"That's a shame." I don't know why but I feel like someone's punched me in the gut, I shouldn't be surprised that he doesn't date, but I feel a sense of loss that
we won't be. Not that we could ever, not now that we're siblings.
"Mia, I'm not an ordinary man, I'm not like those boys you're used to." His hand reaches up, and he brushes a stray hair that's coming down across my cheek to behind my
ear. "I've done some fucked up things Mia, that's just who I am."
Looking up into those deep amber eyes of his, "I'm not used to anything Hudson." I confess, "All I know is what you taught me."
His eyes close almost as if he's in pain. "Princess, fuck," he growls, his hand resting on my cheek.
"Hudson, why do I want you when I know I shouldn't?" The words are out of my mouth before I even think, I shouldn't have said them, he's already making this hard for me
to walk away and now I've just handed him the ammunition to ramp it up even more.
His hand goes back to my ass and his erection is so big and thick against my stomach. "You want me because I'm yours just as you are mine. Mia, I don't give a fuck if our
parents are married, as soon as I sank my dick into you almost two years ago, I knew you were it for me. To wake up and find you gone…" He shakes his head
as his eyes darken. "I'm not waiting any longer." His lips descend on mine and every thought I had about walking away vanishes.

Author Bio

I'm Brooke, I'm a Londoner born and raised. I live with my
fiancee and our daughter.
I'm a foul mouthed, dirty minded weirdo.
I'm an introvert who would rather spend the night in front
of the fire reading than go out.
I write Dark Romance, Romantic Suspense, and Taboo.
Basically everything I love thrown together.
I'm hoping you'll join me on this wild ride I'm about to
embark on.

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