Thursday, February 13, 2020

Puppett ~ Londyn Quinn


Puppet by Londyn Quinn is coming March 5thand we have the beautiful cover to share today!

puppet 1a testing front

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He calls me a puppet, but I’m the one pulling the strings.
I am a Hawthorne. He is an Iazetti.
Oil and water, we were never meant to mix.
We did, once upon a time,
When it was forbidden and dangerous.
That time has passed,
And the stakes are even higher,
But anger and rejection still fester deep in my soul.
Xander Iazetti used to be my everything,
And then he yanked it all away like the monster he is.
Thanks to my controlling father, my life is no longer my own.
I’m now a pawn in a very deadly game,
A game everyone except me knows how to play.
I’ve lost so much, shed my last tear.
Now it’s my turn to win.
Author note: This is Book One in The Ridgeview Prep Series, A Dark High School Bully Romance Duet that will leave you on the edge of your seat and gasping for air. Tread lightly. These books are not for the faint of heart. It is an upper YA romance and not intended for readers under 17.

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puppetteasersElegant shirtless brunette man with jacket on his shoulders, seated on chair, on grey background. sexy man in suit with naked torso.


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Londyn Quinn, shoe whore, beauty guru, and wine connoisseur, prides herself on the twisted, dark, and devious mind she hides so well behind her fa├žade of flawless foundation and thick lush lashes. Sometimes, beauty really is only skin deep. Beneath all of the glitz and glam, she loves to concoct dirty and devilish stories about bad boys and the snarky, sharp-tongued girls they love to hate...and hate to love.
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