Thursday, June 25, 2020

Nick #Carsonbrothers ~ S R Dyble

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Title: NICK
Author: S R Dyble 
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Romantic Suspense.
Series: Carson Brothers, #3 


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Lilly had everything she could ever want. The perfect job, the perfect house and the perfect lifestyle. Having successful parents meant she never had to want for anything. Perhaps, except for them.

Nick Carson from the very first moment had been the ridiculously good looking guy who hovered around her as they both oversaw the relationship of his brother and her best friend unfold. That was until one night, a chance encounter meant that Nick had to give Lilly a lift home. Gentle chit-chat led to burning temptation until they both agreed upon one thing. An agreement which consisted of one simple thing. Sex.

Only, it wasn't that simple. Nine months later and still holding onto the heartbreak Nick had left her with, Lilly was also holding onto something else. A new pact she had made for herself to never talk or go near Nick Carson ever again. For nine months it had worked, but Eve had given birth and now it was about to be broken.
Because now Lilly needed Nick.
Would she ever be able to forgive him for breaking her heart, or would Lilly remain the same way: alone and forever followed by Nick's gazing eyes?  

PURCHASE KIT (book 1) here or read for free on KINDLE UNLIMITED. 

PURCHASE EVES (book 2) here or read for free on KINDLE UNLIMITED.  

PURCHASE NICK (book 3) here or read for free on KINDLE UNLIMITED.


About S R Dyble

Writer, Mother and DIY lover. 
Living a short drive away from her home, the city of Hull in the UK. 
She enjoys using the city's unusual way of speaking in her books and obsessing over inspirational reads and films.

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