Wednesday, January 20, 2021



Before Him by K A Duggan

Obsession Duet book 1

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She’ll do what’s needed to move on;

 Give him her trust

Her heart

Maybe even... her life.

When painfully shy Enola Elias is set up on a blind date 5 years after ‘that night’, she decides

 to step out of her comfort zone and go, despite her crippling anxiety.

Only she ends up further humiliated when she’s stood up, cementing her belief that men are nothing but a waste of time.

When charismatic Carey Cooper steps in to save her from further embarrassment, they share a mutual attraction and instant chemistry.

Enola wants her past to remain far away from her future. But as a private Investigator, Carey is used to unearthing buried secrets.

Someone from the past is watching, waiting, biding their time for a chance to strike again.

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