Tuesday, February 9, 2021


What do you do when the man of your dreams is also the biggest threat to your life?

Young stray Abby learned to stand on her own two feet at an early age: After her drug-addicted parents abandoned the family, she is responsible for herself and her two younger sisters. To support them financially, the pretty woman uses her greatest asset: Her body.
Working as a dancer in various nightclubs in New York City, Abby tries to make a living. One day it happens: She meets the mysterious businessman Theo, who makes her an irresistible offer. If she goes out as an escort with one of his business partners, he will pay her enough money to get rid of all her worries in one fell swoop.
But before that, the attractive Theo wants to convince himself of Abby's escort qualities, and the two spend an unforgettable night together. Abby falls head over heels in love, and she realizes that she doesn't want to date any other man than Theo. The domineering businessman also seems to develop feelings for Abby and doesn't want to share her with anyone else.
But when Abby learns who Theo's business partner is, she suddenly realizes what she has gotten herself into: It's Aldo Gioacchino, the biggest mob boss in the entire city. And he is now staking his claim on Abby - no matter what the cost.
It's the beginning of an incredible intrigue full of desire, drama and love, the outcome of which puts everything at stake for Abby: Her sisters, her love for Theo, and in the end, her own life....

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