Thursday, April 8, 2021

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Good things never happen after 2am. Especially in Vegas.

At least not when you think about them the next morning.
Accessing a trust fund and having a baby are probably not the best reasons to get married.
But last night, after more cocktails than I can remember, it sounded like a great plan:
You marry me, so I can fulfill the requirements on inheriting billions.
I’ll get you pregnant, so your dream of having a baby becomes reality.
When drop dead gorgeous and off the charts arrogant Declan Carter suggests this deal, I’m all in.
Under the condition that we’ll only stay married until I’m pregnant.
Because the last thing on earth I want is to have this playboy be involved in my baby’s life.
At least that’s what I thought, before we start living together.
But the more I get to know Declan, the less our marriage feels like a fake.
The way he smiles at me, touches me, kisses me.
When I feel morning sickness creeping in, I can imagine us being a real family.
For a brief moment, I hope that our story could go down Fairytale Lane…
Until our secret deal is exposed. And everything is on the line.

One Hot Fake features a sinful billionaire hiding secrets, an accidental Vegas ONS which results in a fake marriage - and a baby deal that makes things even more hilarious! Love, laughter, feels, and a HEA that will leave you swooning!
One Hot Fake can be read as a stand-alone.

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