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Lussuria: The Luminara Series, Book 1 by S.J. Molloy

An outstanding amazon bestseller. Enthralling must-read.

“Fresh, vibrant and sensational.”

“Extraordinary. Unique. Breathtaking. And deftly plotted.”

The Luminara Series is an emotionally engaging, intensely compelling, and sweepingly beautiful contemporary romance suspense saga.

Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/3dlqeKa

Amazon US: https://amzn.to/3aifmed


An emotional and erotic heart-wrenching story of lust, love, and light.

Lexi Robertson's carefully constructed life is about to turn upside down.

Recently hired as Club di Energia's physiotherapist, the stunning yet insecure twenty-six-year-old finally thinks she has a handle on her physically and mentally damaging past. The only way Lexi can cope is by compartmentalising her feelings with a unique, internal filing system. To maintain order, Lexi has a firm set of boundaries in place, and she never lets anyone too close.

Lexi has no intention of giving in to the charming Lucca Caruso when he comes into her clinic for an emergency physiotherapy session. Despite his painstakingly handsome face and Italian that renders her speechless, Lexi is able to resist.

A Tuscany holiday with her best friend is just what Lexi needs to stop worrying about life and start enjoying it. A cooking course at a villa near the Chianti hills, just outside of Florence, will take her mind off a certain set of mesmerising azure blue eyes.

Lexi never expected to see the Italian god again, but they're staying at the same villa.

For someone that purposely refuses to feel, Lexi finds herself on a journey of self-discovery, helplessly folding, melting, and crumbling under the temptation of her heart's desire.

Lexi struggles to confide in Lucca, slowly learning how to love and trust. Lucca is a gentle, patient lover with a heart of gold, but his need for Lexi is insatiable. He's the man we all want and can't get enough of.

Through the passion of lust and the sweetness of love, Lexi spreads her wings towards the light… until her past comes back to haunt her.

One woman's destiny to find her light, and the one man who can take her there.

Can he keep her safe and in his light?

Welcome to the Luminara series.

Survival, acceptance, trust, and second chances.

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