Friday, May 21, 2021

Title: Written in the Beat
Series: Heart Beats #1
Author: Breanna Lynn
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 21, 2021


Hearts and music both have one thing in common…
their BEAT.


Dancing has been my dream – and my sanctuary – since I was three years old. After spending the last year recovering from an injury, I’m at a crossroads. I have no idea what comes next…or who.


Turns out, life in the fast lane isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. As one of the hottest up-and-coming singers in the music scene, all my dreams are starting to come true. Until I walk into a room where an angel dances before my eyes. Now my world – and my dreams – are turning upside down…again.



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Freezing, I barely dare to breathe and hope like hell I don’t interrupt her. She’s stunning. Brown hair piled on top of her head shows off the alabaster skin of her neck and shoulders, reminding me of the porcelain dolls my sister used to collect when she was younger. She runs her fingers slowly over the rail mounted in front of the mirrors, a hum working its way out of her throat. It’s sensual, the way her fingers glide over the scarred wood. Does she even realize she made that sound? What else might encourage that catchy little noise? My dick pushes insistently against my zipper, my breath hissing through my teeth at the possibilities.

She stops suddenly and her eyes fly open in surprise. Did I make a sound? Eyes the most unique color I’ve ever seen—the color of light filtered through whiskey—lock on mine. The phrase ‘tiger’s eye’ has to have been coined to describe their unique color. Her cheeks are flushed slightly, whether from her dancing or embarrassment I don’t know, the soft shade of pink contrasts with that smooth creamy skin everywhere else. Her chest moves as she struggles to catch her breath, and I force my eyes back on her face.

“Sorry—didn’t mean to startle you,” I say.

Wide eyes take me in as I move farther into the room with my hand extended. The pink color of her cheeks darkens the closer I get. Did Meredith hire another dancer? After a few months on tour, I should know everyone, but I don’t recognize her. With eyes like hers, no way would I not remember her. “I’m Jackson.”

Braced for the flare of recognition, the jolt when it doesn’t happen is a pleasant surprise. Her hand is cool in mine, but I can feel the strength beneath the satin as well as a zip of electricity where our hands connect.

“Charlie.” She’s tiny. Not as small as Meredith, but I still tower over her by almost a full foot. A spark zings up my arm and her breath catches. Did she feel it too? Reluctantly, I release her hand, and my fingers itch to snag a piece of hair that slithers out of her messy bun, brushing against her bare shoulder. Hooking my thumbs in my belt loops should help me avoid the temptation.

“Pleasure, Charlie.” Hoping to put her at ease, I smile. “Interesting name. How’d that come about? Were you named after Charlie Daniels?”

“I don’t know who Charlie Daniels is.” She smiles, wrinkling her nose, and her cuteness factor breaks my scale. “It was my great-grandma’s name. Not Charlie. Charlotte. That’s my full name. I couldn’t say Charlotte when I was little, so I told anyone who’d ask that my name was Charlie. It stuck.”

One shoulder lifts in a shrug, setting that loose piece of hair swinging. Her teeth bite into her lower lip after her ramble, as if she feels the need to stem the words.

Charlotte. It suits her. All curves and graceful lines, smooth as I roll the name around my tongue.


Breanna Lynn writes alpha heroes full of swoon and resilient heroines whose fierce loyalty is coupled with their inner strength. Her stories are full of love, laughter and, of course, happily ever after.

A classy connoisseur of all things coffee, Breanna lives in Colorado with her two sets of twins (affectionately referred to as the Twinx) and spends the majority of her time preventing their attempts to take over the world. When not running after her kids or their two dogs, Breanna can be found binge reading, listening to music, and crafting her next heartwarming romance while also on the lookout for her next caffeine fix.


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