Sunday, July 4, 2021


Torn between duty and desire... 

Sawyer Hunt has always been confident with his place in the world. He knows what he wants, conceals his painful truths behind a mask of cool indifference and keeps his circle small. The only person who has ever come close to smashing through his inner walls is the one person his parents will never accept.

Xavier Daniels is sick of being Hunt’s dirty little secret. When he fled the ugliness of his past, he swore he would never again hide who he is. Or let anyone hurt him or make him feel ashamed. So, discovering the man he’s in love with is engaged to some mystery woman devastates him. Forced into making the only decision he can, Xavier locks up his heart, determined to keep Hunt out for good.

Sydney Shaw is the bane of her father’s existence. But he’s finally found a way to end her rebellious streak—marry a virtual stranger or be cut off forever. Hunt could be a great husband, if he wasn’t such a cold, moody jerk and she wasn’t still hung up on the guy who broke her heart at fifteen.

Marrying Sydney to save his father’s company is a sacrifice Hunt will make because he suspects the elite is involved, and it’s up to him and his friends to stop them. With his heart also on the line, Hunt is determined to end the threat quickly or risk losing the one person he now realizes he can’t live without. Consequences be damned.

Sawyer is the sixth book in the Rydeville Elite world, and it is recommended to read the previous books in the series first. This romance contains MM and MF scenes, in addition to some dark themes/references. It is recommended for readers aged eighteen and older. Ends with an HEA for the chosen couple. 

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Gail’s review 

Well you did it yet again Siobhan… you took my heart and tire it to tiny little bits…but you also managed to put it all back together again. ❤️
Sawyer is book 6 in the Rydeville Series.. I have wanted his book since forever.. now that I’ve got it… I couldn’t be more happy!!! 
This book has it all.. the twists & turns.. the betrayal & headache.. the ups & downs.. the love & sexy times.. (which are fire!!) Sawyer & Xavier are fire.. 
Sawyer has a decision to make… is he going to do what makes him happy or what will make his family happy.,? the love, loyalty, & trust will be tested in this book and it almost had me throwing my kindle.. but I refrained.. lol 


I so can not wait for Drew!!! Give me him!!!

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