Monday, November 8, 2021

A Court of Queens (Heavy Lies the Crown: Book Three)
By: D. Fischer, USA TODAY Bestselling Author

Nefari Ashcroft has finally claimed her crown and her title as Queen of the Shadow Kingdom. Now, she marches East to Salix with her army, and the armies of the countries who support her. She’s ready to be done with it, ready to free her people and kill the Queen of Salix before the Queen can truly gain rule of the entire realm. But war is never as easy as it sounds, because with war comes casualties.

Casualties are just one hurdle she has to deal with. Nefari’s army is at odds with one another while harvestmen rake paths through villages, killing all those who live there, and still somehow, someway, Nefari has to balance it all. It’s her fate to see this through.

How will she free her people when her plan is falling apart around her, when she knows that soon, she’ll meet the woman who stole everything from her?

She knows there’s a good chance she’ll lose everything, including her life. She’s prepared for that, but that doesn’t make this any easier.

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