Wednesday, November 24, 2021

A Thousand Cuts from Anne Malcom is NOW LIVE! Are you ready for this Dark Mafia Romance from the world of the Underworld Kings?

I did not set out to be a mafia wife.

I came into this home, into this life as a hostage.

He was nothing more than my captor.

A murderer. A criminal. A monster.

Until he was more than that.

He took me as payment for a debt. Nothing more than a pawn in an intricate game of lies, manipulation and death.

He saw the darkness in me. It called to him. Just like his wretched soul called to me.

He was king of the underworld.

And he wanted me to be his queen.

But despite how much the most depraved parts of me wanted that crown, I knew I only had one option.

Take the Catalano family down.

Or die trying.


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Gail’s review 

Oh Anne... You did it.. Your first Mafia book and just WOW!! You nailed it!! I just love mafia books and the underworld kings are some of the best.. 

Christian and Sienna are phenomenal!! Anne has a tendency to keep us readers on our toes.. and she does just that with both Christian and Sienna.. 

Christian is your complete and total alpha, he’s dark and gritty.. and i would not want him any other way. And Sienna.. well that girl was FIRE!! 

I loved this entire book.. Thank you Anne for allowing me the opportunity to read this amazing book!

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