Saturday, February 5, 2022

Cover Reveal
Title: Double Play by Ryleigh Rhodes
Series: Enforcer Series Book #3
Photographer: Kruse Images & Photography
Models: Aurora O'Brien and Zack
Cover Artist: MKX Studios

Conner Anderson.

Charismatic. Sexy. Stud.

He’s cocky both on and off the field.

I tolerate him, barely.

Conner and I, we’re similar in more ways than I care to admit. He’s skeptical of relationships? Me too. A colossal flirt? I can be too. Questionable past? Double-check.

After a long overdue breakup and a kaleidoscope of bad decisions, I realized it was time to move away from my hometown and start fresh. My first exotic excursion unknowingly leads me right to Conner … at a sex club.

He’s growing on me since he swooped in during my time of need. We have this unspoken chemistry evolving between us. When I eventually give in, it’s as thrilling as I secretly imagined. The sex, intimacy, and everything else, keep growing between us.

But can I really trust him? Or am I only setting myself up for more pain and heartache?


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