Wednesday, February 9, 2022

 Ceridwen Gault: Mom of Teens, Teacher of School, Mage-In-Hiding

After staying as far away as inhumanely possible from the supernatural, Ceri finds herself unable to escape any longer when a death omen literally brings trouble to her door.

Now, she and her children are exposed to the kin—magical beings who live disguised among humanity—and she has a supernatural chore list a mile long. Protect people from the Goblins, Unbodied, and a whole mess of other evil creatures.

Easy, right? Not so much...

Ceri doesn’t have the time or energy to run around playing the hero. She’s got a classroom to teach, nearly-adult kids to raise, and an intriguing scientist to flirt with.

But all of her to-do list, both human and paranormal, goes to the wayside when someone plans to commit mass murder in her town. She’s got to get to the bottom of this horrorfest using her magic, skills, and friends to stop it.

Thank goodness for friends. Without them, the Goblins, Sidhe, and other nefarious creatures would have free reign in town. And Ceri isn’t about to let that happen.

A Paranormal Women's Fiction book for anyone who feels like age is just a number and midlife can be magic!

Grab it here:

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