Wednesday, April 27, 2022

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If only she would just stop rejecting him . . .

Resisting this man’s charm isn’t easy. Staying alive after angering the wrong person is even harder.

While interviewing a possible murderer, strong-willed and hot-headed Makenna Goldwin, gains the attention of the local alpha, Evo Johnson. He’s there to investigate the same deranged man, but there are a few things Kenna doesn’t know: Shifters exist and this murder suspect has gone rogue. Rogues are dangerous, but not oblivious. This rogue shifter knows Makenna is different, even if she doesn’t. He has his eyes set on her and now her life is in danger.

To Evo’s frustration, he has to add more items to his already hefty pack agenda: keeping his future mate alive, convincing her of what she is, and helping her chase down the man who wants her dead. All the while he has to keep his species a secret and convince her that she is his. None of it is as easy as he thought it’d be.

If only she would just stop rejecting him, his life would be much easier.

The Cloven Pack Series

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