Friday, June 10, 2022

Welcome to the Swype House,
where the secrets are bigger than the…

The rules are simple:
Fake it for the cameras.
Do it for the views.
Don’t kill each other. 

It felt like an easy yes when I was invited to change my bio from, “Kaia Blakely, college student,” to “Kaia Blakely, newest influencer at the Swype House.”

Then I met Declan Royce. His profile highlights his looks and his humor, but it ought to read, “Owner of an ego so large, it was given its own zip code.”

Suddenly, not killing each other feels like an impossible task.

So yes, it was death threats we were whispering in the background of that viral video, not sweet nothings. So no, there’s zero reason to keep the #Kailan hashtag trending.

Except that it’s our job. So it looks like we’re adding another rule to the list:

Don’t let anyone find out the truth. 

About the author

Kelsey Clayton is a USA Today bestselling author of Contemporary Romance novels. She lives in a small town in Delaware with her husband, two kids, and dog.

She is an avid reader of fall hard romance. She believes that books are the best escape you can find, and that if you feel a range of emotions while reading her stories - she succeeded. She loves writing and is only getting started on this life long journey.

Kelsey likes to keep things in her life simple. Her ideal night is one with sweatpants, a fluffy blanket, cheese fries, and wine. She holds her friends and family close to her heart and would do just about anything to make them happy.

Connect with Kelsey at:

Facebook: @KelsClayton
Instagram: @Kels_Clayton
Twitter: @Kels_Clayton

Gail’s Review 
OMG this book Ya'll!! SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD!! So this book made me think.. if TikTok met reality TV (like big brother or something) LA's biggest and top influencers living under one roof.. Kelsey had me from page 1.. and I could not put this down.. Kaia and Declan.. ahhh what can I say... I LOOOOOVED them... I loved the chemistry, the back and forth banter... just everything. From the minute Kaia walked into the house Declan had it in for her... but when a video of them (or not really of them, but with them in the back ground) in what appears to be a flirty or compromising position goes viral.. leading all of there followers to believe they are in a relationship.. what are they to do?? Well start a fake one.. duh!! I mean nothing can go wrong there.. right.. No real feelings will form..? This book like I said is off the charts.. I loved it hard.. I can not wait for the rest of the house to get there stories told...

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