Monday, July 25, 2022

In the shards of our past, we found our future.
It’s been five years since I left Gideon.
260 weeks.
1,825 days.
Not that I’m counting
I’m finally over him. Past the love that kept me tethered to his side.
So, when our mutual friend begs me to return to my role as Saints and Sinners’ manager and save Gideon’s band from themselves, I agree.
It’s just business.
I’m only there to rekindle the fire for Saints and Sinners.
My heart has nothing to do with it.
After Denver left me five years ago, I made myself a promise. If she ever walked back into my life, I would pull out all the stops to ensure that this time, we lasted forever.
Now she’s back, but our reunion has some major obstacles to overcome.
The first is my son, born during our time apart.
The second obstacle? My son’s mother, also known as the reason Denver and I broke up.
Denver is the only woman I’ve ever loved, but can she forgive my transgressions and move past our past, or are we destined to never have our happy ending?
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