Sunday, July 3, 2022

The Ryckerdan Trilogy by USA Today bestselling author Esther E. Schmidt 99c LIMITED TIME! Be sure to snatch it up quick before the price increases to $7.99 July 11, 2022!


Windsor - She’s intriguing. Smart, brilliantly beautiful. She knocked me into awareness when I almost bumped into her. Anything but mundane, she’s a biker princess and a special agent trained to solve criminal cases. I guess she’s not the only one knocking the wind right out of me when my life takes an unexpected twist.

Linnette - Handsome. Kind. And let’s not forget those tantalizing abs, making him irresistible after he almost ran into me. A one chance meeting. They say a first impression matters, and with us it definitely did. And of course the first guy who jolted my heart into awareness becomes a case I need to give my full attention to. Can you spell disaster? Because I can, in full detail, when his family brings death to my doorstep.

Love, family, loyalty; united as one or lost forever.

This is the complete Ryckerdan Trilogy (For One Chance, We Two Shall, Unite Three Times); a royal romance set in a biker world where mafia collides with justice.

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