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Bones, an all-new addictive dark standalone romance full of heat and suspense from USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Shantel Tessier is available now!

I got my name from breaking the bones of a kid who picked on my younger brother, but that’s only where it started.
My black heart craves violence, and being a King gives me plenty of opportunities.
When a friend comes to me for help because someone he loves is in danger, I’m happy to do so. After all, my friends are few, and they are my family.
Once I have her, I do what I have to in order to protect her. She thinks she’s in hell, but this is child’s play compared to what she would have faced.
She’s an innocent through and through and completely off-limits. But that’s not enough to stop me from doing what I do best—taking what’s mine.

I was born into a deadly Mafia family, yet I’m a nobody. To the world, I don’t exist.
Shuffled from Vegas as a child and sent to Italy for my protection, I became invisible. Until they found a use for me. Now I’m a card my father can play. A chance to cash in on the family name to the highest bidder.
Taken from my home, I’m sold to a King. His hard blue eyes take no prisoners. He’s just another pretty face to hide the evil and in no way my savior.
Now I know what hell looks like because I’m living it. But just when I think I can finally be free, it all comes crashing down, and the King I thought would end me is the only one who can save me.
All I wanted was to be somebody, but now I wish I’d stayed the nobody.

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She stares out the window, holding the ice pack to the side of her face. It angers me that the pathetic man hit her. Men like him are weak. He needed his ass beat. I’ll do it. Later. Her evening gown was supposed to make her look like a princess, but it’s ripped up her thigh, and my eyes keep going to the lace material that covers her pussy.
“Where is home?” she asks, not bothering to look at me.
I take a sip of my drink.
Her head slowly turns to finally look me in the eyes. Her porcelain face is tight, nose scrunched, eyes looking smaller by the second as she glares at me. I half expect her to throw the ice pack at my face. And that turns me on.
Fight me, beautiful.
She sighs heavily, making her chest rise and fall with irritation. “Is it in another country?”
“Does it matter?” I finally ask.
“Yes,” she hisses, slamming the ice pack to her lap. “You’re kidnapping me.”
I bite back a smile. “Honey, I paid for you.”
That just seems to enrage her more. She starts speaking a different language. “Excuse me?”
Her words cut off, and she takes in a deep breath, the action making her chest rise again, and this time, I allow myself to watch the way her breasts bounce from the motion, making my cock hard.
“I called you a pompous, self-absorbed son of a bitch,” she clarifies with a bite and adds, “in Italian.”
I take a drink from my glass and smile behind it. She’s exactly what I expected a female Bianchi to be—fucking fire.
My cell rings, and I pull it out of my pocket to see it’s Luca. “Hello?”
“So it went well?” he rushes out. “You’ve got Mia?”
“Yes,” I say, taking another drink.
He lets out a long breath. “Thanks, Bones.” The sound of appreciation in his voice makes my chest tighten. Why has he kept her a secret all these years? Where the hell has she been? If he cared so much, why did he allow this? Between him and the Kings, we could have protected her. He has to know that we would have done whatever he needed for her. All he had to do was ask. We protect our own. I consider Luca a brother.
I look up at her to see her beautiful eyes already on mine. The soft glow of the purple lights makes them look exotic—like a rare diamond. A look of concern covers her pretty, bruised face. The ice pack is now on the floor—long forgotten.
“You saved her,” he whispers, then clears his throat. “But you do whatever you have to do. Do you understand?”
“I understand.”

About Shantel
Shantel is a USA Today & Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author. She lives in Oklahoma with her high school sweetheart, who is a wonderful, supportive husband and their two daughters. She loves to spend time cuddled up on the couch with a good book. Although she has a passion to write, her family is most important to her.

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