Thursday, September 15, 2022

After the Priesthood wipes out my family, I find myself kidnapped and held prisoner by the head of the Bratva – a man who’s as charming as he is terrifying.
My days are filled with chaotic emotions and fear, and with time, I realize Viktor Vetrov wants more than just my obedience.
He wants all of me, but I refuse to fall for his filthy promises of ecstasy. 

The instant I gain my freedom, I run straight back to the Cosa Nostra.
But, I quickly learn there are worse monsters in the world than the one who held me captive.
With no family left, choices are made for me. None are in my best interest.
I’m forced to marry a man twice my age who doesn’t have a gentle side. 

I only have one hope. Viktor Vetrov.
But asking the head of the Bratva to save me will leave me indebted to him.
Do I give myself to the old monster who will use and abuse me, or do I give myself to the attractive devil who wiped out my family? 

STANDALONE: An Italian Mafia Romance full-length novel. 

Gail’s review 

What can I say that I have not said in the past.. Michelle is down right amazing.. I have been waiting for Viktor and Rosalie.. and let me tell you. SHE DID NOT DISAPOINT!!!! The series just keeps getting better and better with each one.. and I am just so sad that this is the last... I don’t care if I have to be the villain in your story. At least I’ll keep you alive, and it’s the only thing that matters. One afternoon Rosalie is in her room.. reading and looking at vacation locations.. trying to figure out where she wants to go after she graduates.. she hears loud noises and is taken by surprise.. and held captive.. only to be forced to watch her papa and uncle be killed by the Priesthood. After the trauma and devastation young Rosalie is kidnapped and held captive by the head of the Bratva Viktor Vetrov.. Held against her will.. with no way to escape.. what is a young girl to do..? and what happens when you start to fall for your captor? Knowing its wrong.. feeling the guilt that rears its ugly head whenever she even thinks of Viktor in any other way.. she knows she should not be feeling that way, but what if you just cant stop it.? Only a villain will do what’s necessary to save you. He’ll burn down the world if he has to. This book was everything and Michelle did what she does best.. Phenomenal Job... here is to hoping we get more of these guys someday.. maybe a next gen..? who knows.. One can hope :)

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