Monday, April 10, 2023

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“Go on, Puppet. Let’s see if those sexy legs can run as fast as they can spread…”

Boneyard Tides, a dark why choose romance from USA Today & Wallstreet Journal Bestselling author Amo Jones is now available on Kindle Unlimited! 

“This is book one in another sexy, tantalizing, thriller of a story from Amo Jones, the lady of dark herself, has outdone herself! I am so enthralled by the beauty of this place and the twisted web of its characters! I feel like I’m right there with Shiloh trying to figure out who is who! Who can be trusted, whose lying, but most importantly whose pulling the strings!” ~ Patricia Rohrs

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Picture this…you’re sitting by the ocean, sipping your favorite cocktail. The sun is setting over your skin, the sound of waves crashing against the sand offers the perfect background music for the mellow reggae tunes that play through the salty air. Life is good. You have a best friend who seems to be a better friend to you than he is a boyfriend to his girl, your mom is calling your phone to ask what time you’ll be home for dinner, and your current “plaything” is too busy flirting with another girl in a desperate attempt to see if you care. Pathetic. But you don’t care because the sand is between your toes, your surfboard is freshly waxed, and you are one hundred percent sure that your life is perfect.

It was all perfect, right? Except Hades Hollow would never be perfect. This was a town built on old stories that were planted, grew, and eventually rotted here. It was a vicious cycle of rebirth. The stories would never die…not at least until the real one had been told. It all started with a game. The kind of trickery that poisons your heart because it knows the mind is weak.

One was my nemesis, a genre-meddling musician.

One was as scary as he was charming.

And one was a billionaire.

I mean, I knew that, right. I knew who they were…

I was about to find out the hard way that I didn’t know anything at all.

I’m Shiloh St. Claire. A daughter, a friend…and a liar.A


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