Thursday, August 31, 2023

 TEASER & EXCERPT REVEAL! End Game by Serena Akeroyd w/a G.A. Mazurke releases September 7!

“This book has blown me away! The level of detail, emotion, wit, love, and pure storytelling is incredible.” – Goodreads reviewer
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End Game by @serena_akeroyd writing as @gamazurke
“Why won’t you come swim with me?”
“Because you’re too beautiful.”
“I’m so not,” she argues, brow furrowing. “Stop messin’ ‘round. S’posed to be in veeeeeeno vertiras—berrytus, veraturas?”
“Think you got that wrong,” I retort, smirking a little because that’s a reminder this is real, not a dream. Reality has never been kinder to me than it is right now. “And you are. You’re so fucking beautiful, Gracie. I can’t even look at you without it hurting.”
She squints at me. “I’m beautiful like this?”
I nod.
She sticks out her tongue. “How about now?”
“You stick that out any farther and I’ll do something with it.”
Rocking back, Gracie gasps. “Liam!”
Her eyes blink. Once. Twice. “Do you have…,” she whispers, only it’s loud enough to be a shout. “…a boner?”
I grin at her. “Sure do. Ain’t ashamed of it either. I can see your tits.”
She peers at them. “Huh. You can.”
“That dress wasn’t made for water, but it was made for me,” I sing as I settle my hands on her hips. “You gonna fall asleep on me, Gracie? I’d like that. Maybe it’d make the nightmares stop.”
In an explosion of wet hair and drenched silk, she surges on top of me, her elbows settling on either side of my head, pinning me in place, surrounding me with the scent of lime, tequila, perfume, and her.
She always smells like flowers.
Fuck, I love flowers.
“What if…” She sucks in a breath. “…I don’t want to sleep?”
“What ya wanna do, Gracie?”
She wriggles slightly and suddenly, her core is no longer on my abs but lower. Right there. Where I need her.

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