Wednesday, September 6, 2023


by Lilith Vincent


ONE WEEK TO GO! Fear Me, Love Me: A Mafia Age Gap Romance by Lilith Vincent releases September 13!

When I break the kiss, she gasps for breath. “You smell like blood. You taste like blood.”
“Yours. My favorite flavor. But you’re only supposed to bleed for me, angel. That was the rule.”
“I didn’t ask for them to cut me.”
She was in a cemetery at dusk, looking like a wood nymph with pouty lips and bare thighs. There are too many bad men in this city for her to go around like that without protection. Vivienne’s going to be punished for acting so recklessly.
“Don’t make excuses,” I snarl and reach under her skirt to grasp her underwear. She grabs my wrist to stop me, but I tug her white bikini briefs down her thighs until they’re twisted around her knees. “You were out at night when you know it’s not safe in this town for pretty girls to be wandering around alone.”
“Tyrant, please,” she whimpers, wriggling in my grip.
I’ll give her Tyrant, please.
I flip her over so she’s face down on the broad leather seat and push her skirt up. I suck in a breath and my cock gets hard just looking at her plump ass. Christ, her ass is everything. I take a handful and squeeze, pulling her pussy open. She’s pink and inviting and my mouth waters.
“Get your hands off—”
I lift my hand and bring it down in a sharp smack. Vivienne cries out and her ass quivers enticingly. Gathering her into my lap, I hold her down on my thighs and spank her again. And again. Vivienne squeals in outrage and tries to scramble away from me, but she’s going nowhere until she’s had her fix, and so have I.
Vivienne loves to hurt.
I love to make her cry.
We’re a match made in hell.

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