Thursday, October 19, 2023


Tempted By The Devil by @MHeardAuthor is the explosive first standalone book in the Kings Of Mafia series, and it's about to take the romance world by storm. 

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Attending a party with my stepbrother, I’m in for the surprise of my life.

It’s not a regular party, but instead, my wedding.

To Angelo Rizzo.

A coldhearted man who’s feared by all. Including me.


Turns out my stepbrother owes the Cosa Nostra money, and I’m being used to repay his debt to Angelo Rizzo.


Do I have a choice?

No. Not when it comes to matters concerning the Cosa Nostra.


Three hours later, I have a new shiny wedding ring on my finger and a husband I’m terrified of standing by my side.

Yep, my life just took a turn for the worse.

There’s no hiding. No running.

All I can do is face the nightmare that awaits me and pray I’ll survive being married toAngelo Rizzo.


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