Tuesday, November 28, 2023

 NOW LIVE! The Wicked Sting: Codename: Scorpius by Candice Wright is available now + FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited!

“I absolutely loved this book. So many different twists and turns left my insides in knots. I loved every minute of it… a 5 star read!” – Goodreads reviewer
“Another delightful stunner! …So. So. Good!” – Goodreads reviewer
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I used to be that girl.
Before loving you.
The daydreamer who believed in fairytales
And I knew I was right to have faith when a moment of serendipity led me to both of you.
The three of us were blissfully happy
Until your lies were exposed and the dream faded
Now I know that falling in love was just the point of impact,
A single moment when life veered dangerously off course.
Now I’m that girl.
After loving you.
The one you once made strong but left broken in the wreckage of our happily ever
Yet here we are again in another time, in another place
Only instead of taking your heart, I take a bullet.
I should have stayed far, far away
But how do I move on when all roads lead me back to you?

Authors note: There are multiple love interests in The Wicked Sting, and even though you might want to throw a couple out of a moving vehicle, our leading lady does end up with more than one suitor in the end.

Trigger warning: As with most of my books, The Wicked Sting contains some scenes that readers may find upsetting, so please proceed with caution. This book is intended for 18+ readers only.
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