Tuesday, December 12, 2023

TEASER REVEAL! Fatal Obsession by Drethi A. releases January 4!
I was groomed to hate Damon Maxwell, but he insisted I was destined to be his.
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One night with a stranger. It was supposed to be an anonymous experience with no victims. Except I found myself face-to-face with my nemesis, further escalating the tension between our quarreling families.
I was groomed to hate Damon Maxwell, but he insisted I was destined to be his. He was the last man who should’ve caught my attention, the man accused of doing my family wrong. They wanted revenge, and they wanted me to be the one to deliver it. With the red flags piling up, it was getting harder to deny them. 
Was my family right to accuse him as the villain?
Or was the world right to label him the golden boy?
Who was right? Who was wrong? Most importantly, whodunit?
*Fatal Obsession can be read as a standalone or enjoyed after 5000 Nights of Obsession by Drethi A.
Author’s note: Damon isn’t a normal romance hero and, in fact, shouldn't be considered a hero at all. Check the author's content warnings before proceeding in case his actions offend you. 
Available now in the Tales of Obsession series + read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited
#1 5000 Nights of Obsession 
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