Monday, January 8, 2024

Title: Fatal Obsession
A Twisted Romeo & Juliet Story
Series: Tales of Obsession #2
Author: Drethi A.
Genre: Dark Romance
Tropes: Forbidden/Forced Proximity Romance
Release Date: January 6, 2024


This is a dark Romeo & Juliet retelling with a whodunit twist and a HEA. Damon is a morally ambiguous anti-hero, willing to do anything to keep his girl.

I was groomed to hate Damon Maxwell, but he insisted I was destined to become his.

One night with a masked stranger turned my world upside down. What should have been an anonymous experience ended with me facing off against my family’s nemesis.

His name is Damon Maxwell, the charismatic CEO and a beloved philanthropist. The world chants his name, but he is the last man who should’ve caught my attention. My family is convinced Damon is connected to my cousin's murder and that darkness lingers behind his charming facade. However, Damon claims I am his destiny and refuses to leave me alone.

Desperate to uncover the truth, I play with fire by spending time with him. As his obsession grows, he is determined to burn anything to stand between us to the ground. The closer we become, I am plagued with more questions than answers.

Is he truly the golden boy as painted by the public?
Or is he a villain who has trapped me in his web of seduction?

Author’s note: Damon isn’t a normal romance hero and, in fact, shouldn't be considered a hero at all.
Check the author's complete content warnings before proceeding.



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Drethi Anis lives close to DC with her husband, where she runs her own wedding planning business. When she’s not busy planning a special day, she can be found planning out ways to put her characters through hell. She is all about angst and dark themes in her books, with a side of psychology. Drethi is drawn to flawed and disturbed characters, whom she loves to put through the wringer before she gives them the Happily Ever After that suits their flaws and personalities. She also loves to travel and tries to visit multiple countries per year. You can find her both on Facebook and TikTok. She loves talking with her readers, so don’t be shy.


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