Saturday, March 16, 2024

How It Is

The king is dying. Krome has been the leader of the Crow Blooded for years, but his reign is over if he can’t find a way to heal his wings after a war with the Bane brothers. He’s stuck in the in-between, not quite a crow, not quite a man, and unable to choose a form. When his crows break the rules and abduct a human woman they swear can fix him, he thinks they’ve lost their minds. She’s smart and beautiful, and she has his attention in an unsettling way. Her secrets for wanting to help him might just annihilate his defenses altogether, and on the verge of war, he can’t afford to go soft. The woman who is saving him could also be the broken king’s undoing.

Cora Peterson is just a regular girl working a unique job. She’s drawn to birds, and crows in particular because of her long history with them. On the day she discovers crow shifters exist, there is no time for shock. The man she’s thrown in with is dying, and she’s the only one who can help. And his Crow Blooded people have made her a promise. If Krome lives, she lives, too. What starts as a project for survival turns personal when Krome shows her surprising respect and care. All of the pieces of her past seem to be coming together, but there is danger in bonding to a man at the top of the food chain. If she lets him slip, she becomes the target in a war that the humans don’t even know about…and eventually, she will have to choose between his life, or hers.

The Oath of Bane was just the beginning.
It’s the crows’ war now.

How It Will Be

Bron is supposed to be dead. His best friend threw him from the sky to land at the feet of his king in a war Bron never asked for. It’s only three left in his Murder now, and everyone knows the Crow Blooded only survive in numbers. Betrayed by his people, Bron looks to the bears he was supposed to kill for a forbidden alliance, but he and Krome can’t build a crew on their own. He hires a ghost from his past with a special set of skills. His childhood friend can draw in the monsters he needs to protect his king, but Ren has changed in the fifteen years since he’s seen her last. The little pipsqueak that followed him around all those years ago has turned into a sass-filled, tough-as-nails, sensitive-in-surprising-ways vixen who catches his attention and holds it from the second she drives up to his cabin. The only problem? For reasons unknown to him, she’s holding a mighty big grudge on Bron. And as he tries to draw her closer, he slowly discovers nothing was ever what it seemed. Caught right in the middle of forming an alliance that will bring all of the War Birds down on him, and wanting to protect the only woman who can save his damaged soul, Bron has to decide exactly how far he will go for loyalty.

Ren is a coveted female crow who holds the secrets of every Murder she’s been passed around to. On the run from a possessive king, she finds herself answering a call from an old friend she’s vowed never to forgive. The worst part? He doesn’t even realize what he’s done to her. In an unfortunate turn of events, the man she hates is the man she’s safest with now. And as she realizes the alliance he’s trying to build for his king, she starts to see Bron clearly for the first time. He’s no pushover, and he’d not the crow boy she remembers. Now he’s a man whose been betrayed, and destroyed, and has reinvented himself into one of the most relentless War Birds in existence. Heaven help anyone who comes for his king now. Bron’s loyalty knows no bounds, and that is made even clearer when she understands what he’s really doing for her.

The Oath of Bane isn’t over.
The Monsters are coming.
The old Murder is dead.
Long live the new Crew.

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