Friday, May 24, 2024

Title: Crusher
Series: Satan's Disciples 
Motorcycle Club #4
Author: Elyse Kelly
Genre: Contemporary Romance Novella
Tropes: Obsessed Hero/Badass Heroine
Love At First Sight/Hard To Get
Release Date: May 24, 2024


I never should’ve saved him that day. But now, he’s the one saving me…

Crusher gets under my skin in ways I never could’ve imagined. He’s been relentlessly pursuing me at every turn since the night I snuck out of his bed.

Not that I owe him any kind of explanation, but I had my reasons for leaving. Good ones that include the eleven-year-old boy I’m now solely responsible for.

But none of that matters to the men who’ve taken me. Men who are dead set on revenge for something I had nothing to do with. They want payback against Crusher and the Satan’s Disciples, and what better way to get it than taking someone who belongs to the MC.

Only, I don’t belong to the Disciples and I don’t belong to Crusher. But that won’t do me any good while I try to escape this hellhole I’m currently in.

Maybe help is coming, and maybe it’s not. But I refuse to play the damsel in distress. This isn’t some fairytale, and I’m not waiting for a hot biker on a Harley to rescue me.

No, I’ll take my life into my own hands. And I’ll save my damn self even if I have to fight my way out of here.

CRUSHER is book 4 in the SATAN'S DISCIPLES MC SERIES. This is a love-at-first-sight, obsessed hero, MC romance packed with action and spice, and a badass heroine! Prepare to fall in love with this sexy biker when he sets out on a mission to rescue the only woman he can’t live without.

Faithful. Loyal. Ruthless.
The men of SATAN’S DISCIPLES MOTORCYCLE CLUB live a dangerous lifestyle with deadly consequences. And that’s just the way these possessive alphas like it. Get ready for a long, hard ride with the bad boys of Carnage, Nevada, in these sexy, sinful HEAs that are guaranteed to leave you satisfied and breathless.



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I’m just a true southern girl, reading and writing books, asking you to love me! My books are extra steamy, contemporary romances, all with HEAs and no cliffhangers! They’re short, smutty, and tastefully trashy.

If you love over-protective, sexy, alpha book boyfriends who make you swoon and reach for your favorite… bookmark, then you’ve come to the right place.

When I’m not writing books or doing bookish things, I’m probably listening to music, designing smutty stickers, adding to my spectacular band t-shirt collection, or learning how to do something new like arm-knitting because I’m neurodivergent AF! And yes, I really do know how to knit with my arms.


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