Monday, May 6, 2024

Title: Things Left Unsaid
7C's: A Pigeon Creek Series #1
Author: Serena Akeroyd writing as
G.A. Mazurke
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tropes: Small Town/Arranged Marriage
Friends to Enemies to Lovers/Billionaire Rancher
Cover Design: Chelsea Chira
Photographer: Regina Wamba
Release Date: June 14, 2024


I get to the Bar 9 and see Susanne McAllister disappear underwater.
My first instinct is to dive in and save her.
Just like I’ve saved her a hundred times until, ten years ago, one tragic night shattered our ‘odd couple’ friendship beyond repair.
I bet you wonder how I got here…
1. My ranch is running out of water.
2. Pops’ solution is to arrange a marriage between me and the eldest daughter of our water-rich, sworn enemies.
You guessed it.
Susanne McAllister.
3. Someone is coming after our families, raking up the troubled history of our small town, and forcing me to realize she’s always been the love of my life.
Now, I have to keep her safe by either letting her go when we meet the terms of our arrangement or making her love me back.
With so many things left unsaid, who knows what she’ll do?



Coming to audio on June 14 narrated by
Stella Hunter & Connor Crais


International Best Selling Author G.A. Mazurke is the crazy lady behind Serena Akeroyd, crafter of smexy heroes you just wanna lick. While Serena has us expecting dark romance with lots of twists and turns … G.A. is her more mainstream/contemporary personality.

She explores her sweeter side while keeping the sexy we love, where the women fall hard but the men fall harder.

Some of G.A.’s books will cross over into Serena’s universes… so expect a cameo or two from beloved characters, while discovering new bands of brothers, with the banter, the laughs and the tears you are used to.


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