Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Title: From Me to You
Series: Evy & Jay #1
Author: Emberlynn Raine
Genre: New Adult Romance
Tropes: Lovers to Enemies/Rockstar/Fated
Soulmates/Found Family/Second Chance
Release Date: June 18, 2024



I was once his everything until I wasn’t… But little did he know, he would always be my everything…

Evy: I was sixteen when I moved to a new town called Bellevue. A fresh start. A new beginning.
Emerson Jayden Jameson was the most gorgeous boy that I had ever seen in my entire life. He took my breath away with his signature black leather jacket, glossy raven locks, and bright blue eyes. But it was his heart that stole mine.
Jay has lived in Bellevue his whole life and dreamed of becoming a rock star. Mine was to become a writer and study at Yale.
I didn’t plan for him. And he most definitely didn’t plan for me. We blindsided each other and got entangled in the most passionate love affair that took me to places I had never dreamed of going. And I wanted to stay there in his arms forever and ever.
But everything changed when he moved to L.A. to chase his dreams. That was when life asked me to prove my love for him in the worst possible way. To make a decision that would alter the course of our lives, for better or for worse. And I had no choice but to make it— in its wake, I ruined us.
And now the only person I loved in the whole wide world hated me.
My life went downhill from that point while he lived the dream life he had always wanted. I am twenty-six now and I have truly hit rock bottom. Jay now only lived in my thoughts, forever haunting my sleepless nights. Or so I thought.

My name is Evelyn May. I met Jay when I was sixteen, naïve and young. He pulled me into his magnetic field, and he held me captive, forever. I got lost in those blue-blue eyes as I fell and I fell hard in the most magical way. And soon he became my everything, my love, my heart, my whole wide world, my Jay. And this is our story.

From Me to You is the first book of the Evy & Jay series. It is a lovers-enemies, rockstar, fated-soulmate new adult romance with explicit scenes recommended for +18 years or above. No cheating or SA. This is not a standalone book. It ends in a cliffhanger. HEA toward the end of the series.



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I am Emberlynn Raine and I write books for all my fellow hopeless romantics forever in love with fictional men. I love writing just about anything but mostly I stick to books and songs. I love reading just as much as writing, so most times I am curled up, slipping through the pages of my favorite imaginary world. And when I am not doing that, I am mostly procrastinating while drinking coffee and listening to Taylor Swift. Three things I cannot live without are my Kindle, Guitar, and my family. In the real world, I am a Registered Clinical Doctor and Research scientist trying to navigate my place in the scientific world.


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