Friday, June 28, 2024

Title: Hidden While In Sight
Series: Wicked Defenders #1
Author: Amber Warden
Genre: Dark Romance
Tropes: Mafia, Hurt/Comfort
Obsessive Hero/Stalker Vibes
Release Date: June 28, 2024


Diego digs up dirt for the cartel, dirt they use to ensure business runs smoothly. Only this time, he’s assigned to the perfect rich family with the perfect rich life: a successful lawyer husband, two well-behaved kids, and a trophy wife.

It’s a life someone who grew up in the streets could never have.

But as Diego watches the family, he begins to notice things. There’s a nervousness to the children. The wife has an obsessive focus on maintaining her body. And tension rises every time the husband comes home.

Until one explosive night when it becomes obvious their life isn’t so perfect.

Diego witnesses what unfolds and becomes more and more fixated on the wife, Hannah. With every revealed secret, his obsession grows. Because she really is perfect to him.

Hannah belongs with Diego. Whether she wants to or not. Her and her kids.

And no one gets to touch what belongs to him.

Wicked Defenders is a series of mafia adjacent standalone romances, containing morally grey heroes that are sweet caregivers to those they love but don’t hold back on anyone else. These stories include dark themes and tragic scenes, but each book ends with an HEA.



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Diego's hand twitched with the need to wrap around her stomach and pull her in tighter.

“Hey, neighbor,” he whispered in her ear.

Hannah’s body shuddered against him, and his mouth watered. He wanted so badly to nibble her ear, then her neck, but he knew he’d struggle to stop at just that.

“Enjoying the show?” he asked.

Her gaze remained fixed on the window, staring inside at her husband with someone else.

“Why don’t you interrupt them?”

She shook her head, her hair brushing against his cheek. “It doesn’t matter.” Her voice was so low, the breeze almost snatched it away.

“No?” Diego’s hand snaked out, sliding along her belly. All his worst intentions rose to the forefront of his mind when, instead of jerking away, her legs shifted and her back pressed fully against his chest. “And what about you, Hannah? Do you get to do the same as your husband?”

She shook her head again, the scent of her hair almost minty, maybe something with eucalyptus.

“That doesn’t seem right. How about taking some revenge?” He breathed in that sharp scent of her, the intensity almost intoxicating. “Let me take care of you, mami.”

She let out the smallest gasp as her body shuddered against his again. “That wouldn’t be right.”

“I think it would be delicious.” He gave in to his need, brushing his lips over her shoulder. Her head shifted, providing him better access, and his body shook as he held back from giving in to temptation.

“Let me touch you,” he begged.


A former numbers cruncher, Amber Warden left the accounting world to write emotional and steamy contemporary romance instead. Her main hope is for those reading her stories to take away the feeling that they are more than enough for anyone.


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