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Forbidden 03/05/15

Forbidden By Danielle Jamie
**Out Now**

Spring Break 2015 was supposed to be spent lying on the white sand beaches of Mexico sipping fruity cocktails with my friends and my boyfriend, Heath. Instead I found myself single and flying back home to San Francisco to spend it with my mother, her new boyfriend and his son, Linc.

Linc, or as my friends like to call him ‘Forbidden,' is my future stepbrother and the one person who gets under my skin unlike anyone else.

We call him Forbidden because, like the fruit in The Garden of Eden, Linc is tempting and completely untouchable.

I've hated the arrogant jerk for as long as I can remember. But a week alone together, followed by a drunken bet, leads me onto a path that once taken...there is no turning back.

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Forbidden, Danielle has done a good job on this book. 
Whilst on spring break Raven is made to go home for "Family Time" instead of going to party in Mexico. Her boyfriend broke up with her because she had to go home! (what a jerk!) 

On arrival at home she finds out her Mom's partner and (Hot as Hell!) Son are moving into her home and she is not happy at all with this arrangement. When her Mom decides to travel with her partner instead of staying at home for family time Raven was annoyed that she had given up partying and her boyfriend to go home and her Mom bailed on her!!! She tries so hard to keep her distance from Linc but the connection between then is sizzling, how long will they be able to resist each other?!
Linc was so arrogant at times, i would love to have smacked him. But when he gets closer with Raven we see his softer side.

Forbidden was a good Novella, i think it should have been longer and then we wouldn't have to wait for the next book! (Haha) It was funny in places and Hot and Steamy too. It took me a few chapters to get into the story but once i got into it i was hooked. I also found Raven a little childish but i got over that and really enjoyed the story. Well done Danielle. 

Excerpt 1:
Pushing my way around him I pad across my room to the door. Whipping it open I put on my best pissed off face and point my hand towards Linc who looks almost physically sick.
Ugh! He’s seriously the biggest asshole on the Goddam planet!
The thought of his friends knowing that he wanted to fuck me two seconds ago is so damn bad that it’s makes him physically sick?
Why does my body want this douchebag?
Why did I agree to this fricking bet?
I’m so mad that I’m five seconds away from taking matters into my own hands and slapping some sense into myself.
“The asshole’s right over there. Now please take his sorry ass back downstairs with you before I toss him out my fucking window.”
I’m seething. Tyler of course assuming it’s because of Linc answering my phone, and pulling his little stunt with Heath. But in all reality I’m thrilled he did it. Serves Heath right. The jerk dumps me, hooks up with girls in Cabo, then calls me for what? More than likely to ask me to take his sorry ass back—I think not.
I’m seething right now because my brain is screaming, kick Linc in the hard on that was just teasing you with through his jeans while my body is shouting slam the door in Tyler’s face and then tackle his ass and make him show you just how good he is in bed.
“You gotta admit what Linc did was fucking funny as shit.” Tyler says with an amused tone as Linc stalks past me out into the hallway to join Tyler on the other side of my bedroom door.
Laughing sarcastically I say, “Yeah, it was fricking hilarious. See I’m still laughing.” Pointing at my mouth I let out another sarcastic giggle before slamming the door in their faces. I shout through the door, “Now let me get dressed in peace! And in case you need another reminder keep your hands off of my phone jackass!”
My chest is heaving as I fall against the door and listen as their footsteps fade away down the hall.
If I was smart I would’ve taken my mother’s offer to fly as far away from this house and Linc but instead I find myself trapped in this house with him and torn between hating him and wanting him more than I’ve ever wanted anyone in my life.
Damn you, Tessa.

Excerpt 2
“Fuck. The things I want to do to you,” he murmurs as his hands work their way back up to my face.
This whole seducing thing is working out even faster than I thought.
I keep my grip on my towel as I continue to pull on Linc’s shirt with my other hand, yanking him to me. “Like what?” I ask seductively.
He lets out another low growl as his eyes burn into mine. “I’m not sure you can handle me, Spitfire. Once I start, I don’t stop—so you better think long and hard about what you’re asking me.”
Holy. Fuck.
I think my towel is most certainly soaking wet from how turned on I am right now. Linc has to be the hottest, most irresistible asshole I’ve ever met. He’s cocky as fuck, but he has the dick and the reputation to back it up.
The feel of his lips on my skin short circuits my brain momentarily as they kiss a path from my right breast to my left. It feels like hot pokers branding my skin with every press of his lips against my flesh.
“Mmmm.” A soft moan leaves my lips as he rocks his hips in between my legs, teasing my clit with the hard roughness of his cock pressing against his jeans.
Nipping at my skin, he whispers, “Your body is screaming to be fucked, Raven. But I won’t touch you until you tell me with that spitfire mouth of your that you want me to fuck you.”

Excerpt 3
“Man, you look like shit this morning.” Linc’s voice pulls me out of my sleepy daze as the sound of his voice, slightly deeper and gruff from sleep, fills the room. Once again, my heart begins to race as I take in the sight of him. He’s shirtless still, but at least now he has some Nike basketball shorts on. His hair is disheveled on top of his head, and his muscles are flexing, making my mind go blank as I watch him bring his coffee cup to his lips.
I blink away the dirty thoughts and sink deeper into the couch as I curl my toes along the edge of the coffee table and bring my attention back to the news. “Bite me, asshole,” I tell him with a snarky attitude before taking another sip from my coffee.
I see, out of the corner of my eye, him approaching the couch, but force myself not to acknowledge him. Setting his cup down on the side table, he sits down a few spots away from me, leaning on the arm of the couch. I feel his eyes on me as I continue to drink my coffee and ignore him.
His feet land next to mine as he lets out a loud groan that sends shivers through my body, traveling straight to my core as he stretches beside me.
My body needs to get its shit together. We do not like Linc. So just stop. Stop right now, whatever it is my vagina thinks it wants. Because no way in hell am I going anywhere near that. His dad is banging my mom. It’s wrong on so many levels that I’m even picturing Linc naked right now.
Ugh. My brain and my body sucks!
“I guess someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I, on the other hand,feel fan-fucking-tastic. I’m ready to go to the country club and hit some balls with my boys. It beats being holed up in this place all day.”
I let out an aggravated moan before turning my head slowly to stare at him. It’s taking everything in me not to laugh at him as he says golf and fan-fucking-tastic in the same breath.
“I’m suddenly feeling chipper, now that I know I won’t have to look at your face all day.”
A loud, deep chuckle fills the room as Linc tips his head back and lets out the sexiest laugh I’ve ever heard. “Wow. I think that is the first time ever in my life I’ve had a girl tell me that without me fucking her first. Thanks for the laugh, sis. I needed that,” he says, slapping my thigh.

Excerpt 4
“Raven! Where’ve ya been? I thought you got lost when you went to get your last beer,” Nathan says, giving me a ‘melt your panties straight off’ grin as he reaches up, hooking his arm around my waist, and pulls me down onto his lap. His dark brown hair looks almost black under ttarlit sky, which he wears buzzed almost completely off. Nathan has that innocent boy next door look to him, but he has a pretty big reputation as a player in our circle of friends.
He’s one of those guys that every girl wants, but soon after, they wish they never had, because he has a reputation for breaking hearts. Luckily for me, I’m only looking for a night of fun and nothing more, so his bang ‘em and run attitude doesn’t faze me the least bit.
Draping my arm over his shoulder, I lean into his nicely toned chest. “Sorry. The party was getting a little out of control, so I had to track Seth down and ask him to bounce for us. It cost me a few hundred dollars, but it’s worth it to make sure nothing gets broken or stolen and no copsare called.”
Sliding his hand along my cheek, Nathan cups it and gently strokes my skin with his thumb. “I’m glad you got it all sorted out so that you can now let loose and have some fun. What do ya say? You up for some flip cup?”
Smiling down at him, I momentarily get lost in his dark chocolate irises before shrugging my shoulders and telling him, “Sure. Why not?”
“That’s the spirit!” he shouts with a big ass grin spread across his face before surprising me,and I’m pretty sure everyone else at the table, as he pulls my lips down to his for a kiss. His lips brush mine for only a few short moments before pulling away, leaving me eager to do it again.
We’ve partied together and flirted a time or two, but never took it any farther, but tonight, I’m looking to change that. Especially if I’m going to be hearing Linc in the next room over. I’ll be damn sure he gets to hear me in return.
“Alrighty then.” I laugh as I shift on Nathan’s lap to face everyone. I feel Linc’s eyes on me once again and glance up slightly, locking my eyes with his. There’s a dark, stormy look brewing in his, but after blinking them a few times, the cool, relaxed Linc seems to resurface.
For a moment there, I think he was actually jealous of Nathan kissing me, which is absurd. We’ve barely spoken to each other in our entire lifetime. There’s no possible way he’s jealous right now.
At least I hope not, because if so, that could mean trouble in our near future. Especially if my mother is right and Matt is planning on proposing to her.

Excerpt 5
The second he steps foot into the kitchen he stares straight at me and points his finger from me to the Keurig. “I’m making you coffee.” His voice is stern but has a hint of humor in it.
“I’m really not that drunk anymore,” I tell him, slapping my hands down on the marble countertop.
When I’m drunk I’m a tad bit dramatic.
Ignoring me, he gets to work popping a K-Cup into the Keurig and brewing me a glass of my favorite Caramel Vanilla Cream.
“Mmm...that smells so good. Maybe I do want some coffee after all.” I notice Linc glance at me from the corner of his eye and adjust himself through his jeans as I moan. I nibble on my bottom lip as I attempt to hide the grin trying to spread across my lips.
Tessa leans in to me and whispers in my ear, “I know what else you want. Some sinfully delicious Forbidden fruit.”
I elbow her in the ribs to shut her up and feel my cheeks flush with heat.
“Ouch!” Tessa hisses under her breath before laughing lightly and grabbing her bottle of beer, downing the remaining contents.

Author Bio:
Amazon Bestselling Author and a mother of 3 wonderful kids. Madison 11 Bailey 7 and Finn 3. I run a successful online boutique, Bailey Booper’s Boutique; many of my items featured on Teen Mom 2.

I live in a small town in NY with my husband of 11 years, enjoying my happily ever after. My perfect day is spending time at the beach, I love the Ocean. I’m an outdoorsy type of girl; every chance I get I’m outside walking or running around with my kids.

I have been writing for as long as I can remember but I finally decide to pursue my dreams of sharing my stories with the world when I published my first Novel Irresistible Desire back in March 2013.

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