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Holton Series

Author: B L Blair
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Book #1, Convince Me:
Book #2, Notice Me:
Book #3, Trust Me:

Anna is afraid of love, but Steven changes everything.

Anna West just wants to start over in a new town far away from her past. The only child of a mixed race couple, Anna learned about the ugly side of human behavior at an early age. After watching her abusive father mistreat her mother, Anna knows that love is not for her.

Steven Carson has always known what he wanted, and from the moment he saw her, he wanted Anna. Steven is ready for love. He is ready to settle down, start a family, and he knows Anna is the one for him. Now all he has to do is convince her to take a chance on love.

Convince Me is the first book in the Holton Series but may be read as a standalone novel.

All thoughts of a plan immediately flew out of her head when the door of her car swung open and a deep, soft voice asked, "Are you alright?"
Anna turned and looked up into the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen.  Eyes that were the color of a cloudless sky on an early spring day.  They were framed with dark thick lashes that lightened on the tips.  The lean, clean face went well with the eyes.  It was a pleasant face, not too hard or too soft, but a man's face nonetheless.  It was lean and powerful.  He had strong cheekbones and a straight nose.  Light blond hair fell across his forehead.  She stared at him unable to move.  Her heart began to pound, and her body reacted to his nearness.  She had never reacted so strongly to any man before, and she forced herself to take a deep breath.
He leaned into the car and asked again, "Miss, are you alright?"
This time his voice propelled her into action.  She shook off the fog that had come over her and nodded once before saying, "Yes, I am fine.  Just a little shaken.  Was anyone hurt?"
She glanced again at the man staring at her with a concerned look on his face.  Their gazes locked, and he watched her silently with his calm blue eyes.  He seemed very close, and Anna leaned back against the seat to get farther away.  His broad shoulders filled the doorway, and she felt a small jolt of fear.  She hated feeling physically intimidated.  But the fear quickly faded as he looked at her a moment longer then a slow, gentle smile crossed his face.  Anna felt her heart stop.  She willed it to begin beating again.
"There is only you and me," he said softly.


She would do all she could to make him notice her!

Andrew Moore had always thought of Victoria as family. She was his best friend’s little sister and his little sister’s best friend, but recently something had changed. Andrew was thinking about Victoria in a completely different way. She would never fit into his quiet, conservative world. They were too different to have a future together, but he couldn’t help noticing her.

Victoria Carson has been in love with Andrew since her sixteenth birthday, but Andrew never noticed her as anything other than his best friend’s little sister. She fled from her hometown so that she wouldn’t have to watch Andrew build a life with someone else. But things had changed. Andrew was now a widower, and Victoria had returned home. It was time to make him notice her.

Return to Holton, Texas to see if Victoria can get Andrew to notice her. Notice Me is the second book in the Holton Series but may be read as a standalone novel.


As always, her heart stopped when she saw him.  Victoria knew she had seen better looking men, had even dated better looking men, but Andrew always moved her.  For a moment, she enjoyed the simple pleasure of just looking at him.  His broad shoulders filled out the conservative blue suit and his powerful arms and legs made him a lean, dominant picture.  His thick brown hair had fallen across his forehead, and Victoria’s hand itched to brush it back.  He was talking softly to his sister explaining the papers in his hand.  Victoria watched his mouth move and waited for the smile that always made her toes curl.  It happened and Victoria took a deep breath.  She thought she should be used to that reaction by now, but it still caught her by surprise.  She quickly closed the door behind her.
Andrew looked up at the sound, and Victoria found herself looking into his piercing green eyes.  They had narrowed and trained on her immediately.  The intense green gaze locked her into place.  She stood very still while his eyes roamed over her
She now walked slowly across the room with his eyes following her.  She watched him straighten and his back stiffen.  He was uncomfortable around her, and Victoria hoped this was progress.  She had waited twelve years for him to notice her as something other than a child.
"Hi, Drew.  How are you?" she asked softly.
As always, he stiffened at her shortening of his name.  No one called him anything except Andrew, but Victoria had decided she needed to be different.  She wanted to make sure Andrew knew she was unlike anyone else.
"How many times have I told you not to call me that?" he asked impatiently, raising one eyebrow.  Victoria’s heart skipped a beat.  She had always found that gesture very sexy.
She smiled again.  "I don’t know.  How many times have you told me not to call you that?"
She laughed at the frustrated look that crossed his face.  At least, he wasn’t ignoring her.  She knew she could irritate him.  She just hoped she could also attract him.
"Come on, Drew, lighten up."  She walked over to him, placed her hand on his shoulder, and stood on her toes to kiss his cheek.  He accepted the salute but did not return the gesture.  Apparently nothing had changed.


Could he learn to trust her?

Rachel Lewis hid her looks behind dark framed glasses and drab clothes. As the head librarian in Holton, she was satisfied with her life and her appearance. Rachel wasn’t looking for love, but Paul captivated her. He lived in a completely different world, but she wanted him more than she had ever wanted any other man.

Paul Hart was handsome, rich, and successful. As the owner of a thriving business, he was happy with short-term relationships and jaded women. Paul had been betrayed too many times to trust a woman, but Rachel intrigued him. She wasn’t like any woman he had ever known. Could he learn to trust her?

Return to Holton, Texas for Victoria and Andrew’s wedding to see if Rachel can win Paul’s trust. Trust Me is the third book in the Holton Series but may be read as a standalone novel.


Sabrina went into her sale’s pitch, and Paul listened absently as he looked around.  He actually liked the house.  It was lovely and had plenty of room for entertaining.  He didn’t have a lot of large parties, but in his business, he did occasionally host a dinner party or two.  The house was perfect for his needs.  He wandered through the rooms on the first floor before stepping out onto the patio.  Rachel followed him.
“Paul,” she said.
He turned to see her standing just inside the doorway.  Sabrina was still in the living room.  Rachel took a step closer.  “I didn’t mean to upset you.  I was just surprised.  You hadn’t said anything about moving to Texas, much less Holton.”
He nodded.  She was right.  He had sprung it on her rather suddenly.  They hadn’t spoken much about his business the past three weeks.  Their time together had been so limited that they had stuck to the basics.  He had mentioned to her that the office was not running as smoothly as he liked, but he hadn’t gone into any detail about the operations or the fact that he felt he needed to be here for longer than just a few months.
She took another step closer to him and reached for his hand.  “I’m sorry if my reaction was negative.  I would love for you to move here.”  She paused a moment and then briefly looked over her shoulder at Sabrina.  Rachel smiled that mischievous smile he had come to love.  She stood on her toes and whispered in his ear.  “I hope to get you to break Rule #4.”
Paul pulled back and looked at her, a frown on his face.  He didn’t have a rule four.  “What is Rule #4?”
“Relationships are only temporary,” she said saucily as she walked back into the house.
Paul grinned.  Okay, maybe he had read her right.  They appeared to be on the same page now.

B. L. Blair writes simple and sweet romance and romance/mystery stories. Like most authors, she has been writing most of her life and has dozens of books started. She just needs the time to finish them.

She is the author of the Holton Romance Series and the Leah Norwood Mysteries. She loves reading books, writing books, and traveling wherever and as often as time and money allows. She is currently working on her latest book set in Texas, where she lives with her family.

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