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Author Interviews

Natalie Wrye Author of Behind the Blindfold vol 1&2

Hi Natalie, Thank you for taking the time to answer some of our question, We are very excited to have you!

First, Please Tell us a little about your books..

Well, let's debut series is a two-part Romantic Suspense/Erotic Thriller set named Behind the Blindfold. It's about an aspiring painter who is in over her head when the man she falls for is not what he seems.

I love Romantic Suspense, and this is the type of book I'd always like to write.

My next book is a stand-alone Romantic Suspense novel about two people who meet and are forced by unforeseen events to rely on each other for survival...without revealing their own secret agendas.

Gail’s Questions
rubber-duck_0.jpgDuck. What inspires you when writing?

This is going to sound weird, but bare with me. I think back to a feeling and hold onto it with everything I have. I sit in silence with very little light, and I just FEEL. Nothing drives a character's development like a powerful feeling.

rubber-duck_0.jpgDuck - How do you decide what you want to write about?

I love a sense of suspense and a good thriller. I'm also a sucker for a good love story, and when I started writing, I decided that I was going to combine the two.

The secrets that people keep or don't keep are particularly fascinating to me, especially the ones perpetuated between lovers. I like to center my stories around those doozies.

images.jpgGOOSE.. Are you married? If so how long?

OMG! I'm the lone wolf in this group! lol. I'm not married, but I am seeing a wonderful guy. We've been friends for almost ten years, and I'm really happy to date one of my best friends, so...ask me again in say...two years? LOL

Gail's Answer:  Yes I'm married.. Been so for 12 yrs. ----   Lisa - Yes i've been married for 12 years this year, ----   Stephanie, Yes almost 20 years  ---- Marialee, I've been married almost 12 years.

Stephanie’s Questions
rubber-duck_0.jpgDuck. Who has influenced you most in writing?

My mother, definitely. She is a writer herself. A phenomenal writer. The way she puts words together is masterful, and I've learned almost everything I know about diction from her.

We both have a very deep appreciation for words. We even have favorite words. Mine is "ephemeral." :)

rubber-duck_0.jpgDuck. What's your routine for writing do you have superstition things you have to do or think it will jinks you?

I don't really have superstitions when it comes to writing! The only thing I don't like is too much light around! AHHH! That might be my only "jinx."

images.jpgGOOSE.. What's the craziest thing you have ever done?

ALL the gloves are coming off, eh?? LOL.

The craziest thing I've ever done is the ONE time I went skinny dipping with a group of grad school friends. You take a bunch of early to mid-twenties math and science students who are right on the edge of adolescence and adulthood, and it creates this crazy mix of good-hearted spontaneity.

You're more mature than a "child" but more reckless than an "adult." It was an...interesting time in my life. :)

Stephanie's Answer: Mine was deciding it would be cool to wax my legs ---- Lisa: Got Married!!! ---- Gail:  Went zip lining in the Dominican ----  Marialee:  When i was in high school my friends and I would always have sleep overs at each others houses (there would be like 10 of us) and a couple of times we went streaking. the real funny thing is one of the girls lives in town. Good thing it was a small town.

Lisa -
rubber-duck_0.jpgDuck. Who is your favourite character in your books, and Why?

My favorite character has to be Saturday Blake from the Behind the Blindfold series. You have this talented young woman who is coming into her own as she explores life and love.

I like the "realness" of her. She's indecisive at times, but very self-aware. She's confident in some aspects and insecure in others. She's realistically flawed, and I love that about her.

rubber-duck_0.jpgDuck. How old were you when you first got the idea to start writing? Was it something that you did as a little girl and then it grew from there as you got older?

I started writing fictional stories at a VERY young age: about six years old. I'd make up a story, write it, draw the illustrations, staple the pages together and then hand them to my parents to read.

I still have those "books"! They are some of greatest pieces of work. LOL

My appreciation for reading and writing only grew from there. I took a LOT of writing courses in college and even though I was majoring in Math, I fell back in love with writing stories.

I looked up one day and realized that I wanted to go back to my roots. Math and science have my head; writing has my heart.

images.jpgGOOSE.. Did you have any Nicknames when growing up? Explain how it came about…

Oh, maaaaan. What a question.

Ok, so this is a bit embarrassing, but I'm going to tell it, anyway.

My childhood nickname from my family was Smoot. My adulthood nickname from my family? Smoot.

I'll NEVER reveal its origins! LOL

Lisa's Answer . I had a few, the main one is Flopout! I was 14 and at a swimming pool  with friends, we were playing volleyball in the pool. And I jumped to get the ball and.....Yeah one of my Girls flopped out!! :-/ I was so embarrassed and my name after that was Flopout!!  ---- Stephanie, Steffy-Jo  ---- Marialee: My nickname from my friends in elementary was "Flea" because I was so small. ---- Gail: abbydo. How I got that I have no clue.. Mom started calling me it..

Marialee -
rubber-duck_0.jpgDuck. How did you come up with the name Saturday?

I had a client at my day job named Tuesday, and she was just an ABSOLUTE joy to be around.

She was funny, eccentric, sweet: the very OPPOSITE of a Tuesday. LOL

It was then that I thought about days of the week as names, and that's when I landed on Saturday. I love Saturdays. It's my favorite day of the week.

It's a whimsical name, full of life and promise. Saturdays are my rebuilding/rejuvenation days of the week: my fun days. I thought it suited my heroine well!

rubber-duck_0.jpgDuck - Are you an art enthusiast like your characters in your book? If so, who is your favorite artist? (I'm an art major)

Wow! That's so cool. I wish I had done more with art in my life, especially at a school-age.

I'm an undercover art enthusiast. I have several friends who can draw, paint and tattoo their REAR-ENDS OFF. They're super talented individuals who can do what I only WISH that I could!

If I had to pick a favorite artist, I would pick Claude Monet. The blending of his color palette is superb. The vibrancy and realistic feel of his paintings are exceptional. If I could be any artist, it would be him.

images.jpgGOOSE.. If you could have any type of a book boyfriend on real life what would it be? Rocker, Billionaire, average Joe, etc?

LOL! I love your answers.

I must admit: I love creative, ambitious types. Nothing I love more than a man who can express himself artistically (whatever art/talent that may be: cooking, painting, music, photography).

These type of guys have a fire that burns brightly within themselves. It makes you just want to be near them to soak up some of the heat.

Oh, and I DO love a man in a good suit.

Stephanie,  Me I would choose a mixture of al,l bookwhore! ---- Lisa,  <<<What she said. ---- Gail: Book BF... ️MC guy... Those are my FAVE!! So he would have to be in a ️MC or somethng.  - ---Marialee: Rocker. LOVE rocker books.

Is there anything you would like to say to your readers and Likers of Night and Day Book Blog?

The only thing I'd like to say to readers and NDBB lovers is this:

Live your DREAM. Wherever life may take you, you must take time out of your day (out of your LIFE) to pursue and dedicate yourself to the things that really matter to you: whether that be a harmonious family dynamic, great friends, a condo in Italy or an independent writing career ;)

And Please tell us a little about you…

Hmmm. Where to start?! AH, name is Natalie Elise Wrye. I am a single gal living north of the city of Atlanta, Georgia. I am a total science and math buff who happened to fall in love with writing.

I have no children, but I LOVE them and plan on having them as soon as I find a suitable baby-maker (AKA husband). Before I die, I'd like to live for a year in all of my favorite cities: NYC, DC, Miami, San Francisco. (What can I say? I'm a city type of chick)

I love to exercise, but I also love Doritos and anything covered in chocolate, so I'm constantly in a battle when it comes to healthy living. (It makes for a more interesting life though!)

I love my family to death, and nothing makes me happier than reading a good book on a comfortable couch.

Thank you So much Natalie. Follow Natalie on her Fb Page here:

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