Monday, July 6, 2015



OMG OMG OMG…  JUST WOW!!!  I cannot explain just how much I loved this book.. 

I fell in love with Gage and Regan in book 1..  Book 2 was full of absolute craziness and I loved it..  Book 3 picks up where book 2 ended..  Regan just won her fight.. Her and Gage are ready to leave when someone stops em..   You need to read it to see..


Regan and Gage have fought their entire lives.  For themselves, For each other.

Now together, side by side.  But as new fears arise, mixing with the old ones of their past, they will face their greatest fight yet.   Can they make it to the OtherSide of Fear?




There were times in this book when I wanted to throw it across the room (or camper/lake in my instance). The trust issue is still a big problem in this book with these two..  Gage puts himself in some positions that could be pretty compromising that i seriously wanted to junk punch him a time or two (or ten).  There is soooo much drama in this book, and sooooooooo much going on.  My heart literally broke in this book for Regan and Gage several times..  We get a few new characters in this book.. some I just dislike with a passion (Cherry Im talking to you) then some old characters are back…. Like Officer Anthony..  Now I may be alone here but I really liked Anthony in book 1.. he wasnt for her but I still liked him..  Yea not so much in this one..   There was something about him that rubbed me wrong.. 

Now I could go on for days about this book.. tell you everything.. but I dont want to..   This entire series is a MUST READ.. and this author is a PHENOMINAL WRITER..  Thank you sooo much for allowing me the opportunity to read your amazing work


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