Monday, July 6, 2015

Title: Wishing on the Water 

Series: Water Series Book #1

Author: Elizabeth York

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Release Date: July 7, 2015


“I was always told never to wish on the first star at night. If everyone wishes on one star, how will the star keep up? A star with too many wishes will just fall out of the sky. Rain drops are plentiful, and there are thousands. They wash away the filth and carry it to a better place. So when you make a wish, wish on the water and let it carry your problems away.” 

Candice-Leigh Carson, a New York City best-selling author, was engaged to one of NYPD's finest. She was living the dream until she lost her fiancé, quit her job and moved, leaving behind the only family she ever knew. She left her best friend Jaxson, without saying goodbye. In her quest to find herself, would she ever find love again? 

Jaxson Monroe, one of NYPD's finest, lost his partner when an undercover job went south. After spending a night with his partner's lover, Candice, she flees into the night. He loved Candice and had promised his partner he would protect her. It was his fault she ran, but he quickly found himself in the arms of another. Would Jaxson ever convince Candice to come home or did he prefer another woman? Would their love survive his betrayal and her abandonment?


“Wake up Candice.” I heard Jax say, but I didn’t want to open my eyes. 

“Come on stubborn ass.” Jax chuckled and my lips turned up with a smile. My face hurt with my smile as it went against how I felt. 

“You are the stubborn ass.” I stated with a hint of laughter as I crept my eyes open to be met with the gray eyes of Jax. 

“Whatever, I am the rubber and you are the glue,” Jax stated as he helped me out of the truck. 

“Are we five years old again?” I asked as I caught a glimpse of childishness in his face. 

“Yes, Candice we are five years old, and there is nothing in the world that is holding us back, making us sad, or stopping us from living our lives.” 

I turned and looked behind the truck at the park across that sat across from the lighthouse at the edge of the river where it met the ocean. This was where I had met Chase and Jax. The two ornery boys had caught my attention the minute my mother had let me out to play. 

Up and coming author Elizabeth York has been writing for about seven years. Located in the southeast, she spends her days drinking sweet tea on the porch with her laptop in hand. She has devoted her life to her family and her books. With the loss of her Father to cancer in 2010 she makes "Dear Daddy" dedication pages in each book and donates 10% royalties to cancer research.
Take the time to get to know the characters and you will love them as much as she does.


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