Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Cover Reveal
You & Me
By Lexi Bissen
Release Date- April 4, 2017
was a sadness in her clear, grey eyes that I could see she tried to
hide. A fight with her inner demons she didn’t want to show anyone…

Collins- Life was going good for me. I was on the right track: captain
of the soccer team, grades were good, and I had an amazing job. Girls
threw themselves at me. It was every 21 year olds dream.

Until it wasn’t…

look at her, and it all changed. She struck something in me. A sense of
protectiveness to guard this small, sad girl. When I look into her
eyes, I could see the fight she had within herself…and I wanted to be
there for her. To protect and be there for her to lean on while she
fought whatever it was. Nothing else seemed to matter but the dark
haired, beautiful girl who I couldn’t stay away from. 

Wentworth- I wasn’t the same girl I was a year ago. My life was stolen
from me one night and I’ll never have the chance to get back the Blaire I
once was. Now…now I was just existing, not living. I went through the
motions of my everyday routine, staying quiet and keeping to myself.

Until he showed up…

never seen someone like him before. I wouldn’t describe a guy as
beautiful, but that’s what he was. He struck something in me, and I
didn’t know how to handle that. I was chasing nightmares no one knew
about. Ones I kept to myself for a reason. If he ever found out, he’d

And that became my greatest fear…



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