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Red and blue smoke
He's unable to resist her. He refuses to give up on her.
"This is Definitely a five-star read, first time for these authors writing together and they did a fantastic job." ~ Bridget Hickey - Goodreads review


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"Great collaboration! Take two Authors who know how to bring the heat, put them together and you have Hot and Cold." ~ Maari - Goodreads review
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Dani Moore has been burned.

Still recovering emotionally from a recent assault, Dani spends her days blogging and riding around with her brother, a homicide detective. She's going through the motions with no real hope of ever getting back to "normal life." But when she meets Scott Walker, the city's new arson investigator, the heat between them is undeniable.

Scott's the nicest guy she's ever met. And it doesn't hurt that he's so attractive she can barely breathe.

Finally out of school and working his first big arson and murder investigation, Scott hasn't had time to get involved with anyone. But when he meets Dani he's convinced that the gorgeous girl who lights a fire in his heart will be his.

He's unable to resist her, even though she runs hot and cold.

He refuses to give up on her, even though his new partner is Dani's brother.

Dani may be able to put the past behind her and allow Scott to teach her how to trust again, but will the case go cold while their love ignites?

Hot and cold is an all new CONTEMPORARY ROMANTIC stand-alone collaboration between Mikey Lee and Amy Briggs now live. Features cops, firefighters, crime and sex, need we say more.

***Marialee's Review***
This is a story about Dani who is a blogger and has recently had a traumatic attack happen to her which makes her afraid to be alone. With her brother being a Detective she goes on rides with him and has been staying with him due to her attack. Going to an arson and murder case she meets Scott.

Scott is an Arson Investigator and has just been in the position for a little while now. Finally done with school he finally has some time for himself and possibly find someone to settle down with. Being called to investigate this fire he sees a beauty sitting in the car of one of the detectives. He is instantly attracted to her. 

They eventually are introduced to one another and have the worst first date. At least they both played a part in the catastrophe and they laugh it off like its nothing! I do have to say that Scott seems like one of the sweetest guys and Dani has this feisty side to her which just makes for a perfect match.

This is the first book that I have by either of these authors and I wasn't disappointed. There is mystery, suspense, and some steamy scenes. The murder in this book is absolutely crazy!!! I don't which author came up with the idea but it is brilliant! For one of the authors to think of a murder this way is actually kind of creepy and makes me wonder what other kinds of craziness they have in that mind of theirs! 

If you like murder, mystery, suspense, feistiness, and some steamy scenes then this is the book for you!

About the authors:
Mikey Lee: Mikey Lee is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and is a strong supporter of the military. He has a degree in Criminal Justice and he started writing as a way to express his creative side.

Mikey and his wife live happily in West Virginia, where he tries to make his wife fall in love with him every day. He also talks in his sleep. He has been so humbled by the support of readers, bloggers, and other authors.

Amy Briggs: Amy Briggs is an Orlando-based writer, consultant, and entrepreneur. Leaving the corporate life behind, Amy now runs several small businesses from the comfort of her home while spinning realistic, thrilling and romantic stories. Formerly a firefighter and EMT in New Jersey living next to a military base, Amy was drawn to creating stories around emergency services and the military and draws on her experiences to show the depth and emotional side of the lifestyle.

Red and blue smoke
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