Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Title: “Bark”
Series: Lost Valkyries MC #3
Esther E. Schmidt
Cover Design:
Esther E. Schmidt
Photographer: Sisu Fotografie
Ralph Bijl

Genre: MC Romance
Standalone, short story.
Release: 04/10/2018

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Jodi - Some people might take a step back when they run into this guy. Although the way his eyes pierce mine, it’s as if he’s allowing me to see the kindness that’s hidden within.
Bark - Those I consider deserve to die, will be killed by me, without any remorse. I’m a man who will get close enough in a fight so I can enjoy seeing the life of another person slipping through my fingers. Yet when my fingers slide over her skin it’s as if I can feel the life slip right into me to enlighten my heart.
**Books in the Lost Valkyries MC series will each be a standalone, short story romance. Every book is passion to love at warp speed. Grip your heart because it’s going to be a fast ride...so be warned!**

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