Tuesday, July 17, 2018


This Shifter Is No Princess.
Yet, Kait is the rightful heir to Trellora's throne. She couldn't give a damn about the sister planet, Volen. But she'll do what is necessary to take back what has always been hers.
She'll punish her father, who must have known she was being relentlessly raped on Trellora.
She'll even make alliances with the Volenese rebels. And well, damn, Pietah Tilm delivers spikes of sensation she doesn't know how to handle.
He's everything she needs and everything she's not ready for. What could a rebel give a princess? More than she was betting on.
Be ready for angst. Be ready for fight scenes. Be ready for love scenes that will grab at your heart strings as both Pietah and Kait face their demons.

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