Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Title: The Last First Game

Series: The College Pact Series #1
Author: Gina Azzi
Genre: Coming of Age Contemporary Romance

Release Date: June 4, 2019


Sexy surfers. Epic parties. Wild nights.

Welcome to my senior year of college.

At least, this is what I imagine when I accept a
semester-long medical internship in LA, California.

But reality trumps imagination when I meet him.

Cade Wilkins, Astor University football god and projected
NFL draft pick. With thundercloud eyes, a teasing smirk, and a ripped body,
Cade is my game changer.

I fall for him faster than he can score a touchdown.

Except our happily-ever-after is fumbled. 

One tackle ends him.

One party destroys me.

Broken promises. Ugly truths. Ruined futures.

Welcome to my senior year of college.

The real version.


The College
Pact Series (originally published under The Senior Semester Series) has been
re-edited and revamped with new content and a fresh look. All books in this
series can be read as standalones.

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to my feet, I square my shoulders, and meet his gaze head-on. Dark gray storm
clouds swirl, uncontrollable. He bites down on the corner of his mouth, kicking
one foot up behind him, the sole of his shoe banging against the door.
Standing my
ground, I hold his tortured perusal, unwilling to blink first.
“Lila.” He
rasps, his eyelids hooded.
“Why’d you
“I had to
go to the bathroom.”
The left
side of his mouth twitches and he pushes off the bathroom door, another step
closer to me. “No, you didn’t. You couldn’t get out of the room fast enough.”
“It was
shitty of me to put you on the spot like that in front of all those people.”
“I told you
I don’t want a…thing.” I gesture between us.
“I know.
But this thing,” he steps closer, crowding me, “it’s not going anywhere.”
I shuffle
back until I’m pressed against the bathroom wall opposite the door. This damn
bathroom is suffocating, overflowing with Cade’s presence. Cade’s forearm
settles next to my head, boxing me in. His mouth is only inches from mine, his
tongue darting out to swipe across his bottom lip.
I groan, my
body involuntarily arching toward his. Jesus, what is wrong with me? And what
is he thinking? Who could have a proper argument with all of these…
shouldn’t have done that, blown up your spot, tossed all that attention your
way. But babe,” he drops his forehead to mine, his breath fluttering over my
lips like an invitation I desperately want to RSVP yes to, “I hated that so
many people threw shade your way. Every comment I heard pissed me off so much
more because it was said about you, not me. And I won’t let any of these people
talk shit about you.” He jabs a finger toward the party transpiring outside of
the smallest bathroom that ever existed. “And I’m not going to apologize for
looking out for you.”
“Cade,” I’m
breathless, quivering for him to stop talking and start touching. But I need to
be strong, resolute … honest. “I’m leaving in four months. I don’t do –”
“Serious, I
know. Me either.” His nose brushes against mine and I shiver. Shiver! “But give
me a shot, Lila. I’m not going to wifey you. Just let me take you out, kick it
with me, come to my games and rock my number, give it a chance.”
“What if
it’s too much?”
His fingers
close around my hips, tugging until my belly button is flush against his jeans.
Jesus. Need pools within me and as his fingertips grip harder, his body
grinding against mine, I whimper, desperate for relief from the wildfire
consuming me.
“What if
it’s too damn good?” he angles his head lower, his bottom lip ghosting mine.
“Let me light you up until we burn out. Babe, I’m not feeding you lines. I want
you, Lovely.”

Author Bio

Gina Azzi writes Contemporary Romance with relatable,
genuine characters experiencing real life love, friendships, and challenges.
She is the author of The Kane Brothers Series, The College Pact Series, Finding
Love in Scotland Series, and Corner of Ocean and Bay. All of her books can be
read as stand-alones. 

A Jersey girl at heart, Gina has spent her twenties
traveling the world, living and working abroad, before settling down in
Ontario, Canada with her husband and three children. She's a voracious reader,
daydreamer, and coffee enthusiast who loves meeting new people. Say hey to her
on social media or through www.ginaazzi.com.

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