Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Title: Wicked Games
Authors: Vivian Wood & Amelia Wilde
Genre: New Adult Romantic Suspense
Release Date: June 4, 2019


A secret
forbidden crush.
And an
unsolved murder...

Emily Danes
expected the tough classes at Campbell College, one of the most exclusive and
prestigious universities in the world. She expected the ivy-covered halls. She
expected the money.

She didn’t
see Wolf Astor coming.

wealthy, socially connected, and heart-stoppingly gorgeous, he’s everything she
ever dreamed of in a man.

He’s also a
total prick.

But at a
place like Campbell College, there’s no escape. Not from Wolf, and not from the
secrets hidden behind the graceful facades of the campus.

With every
day that passes, she’s drawn deeper into the underbelly of the wealthy and
privileged at Campbell: a secret society known as the Skulls & Thorns.

And with a
murderer loose on campus, she’s running out of time to escape.

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Pulling my
two heavy textbooks for this class out of the stack too, I arrange everything
nicely. Just as I am getting my brand new pencils ready, I am startled by a
loud bang. My desk mate drops his books on the countertop and sits down,
looking at me askance.
I startle
to realize that it’s the blond Greek god I ran from only yesterday. Tall and
broad-shouldered, he wears his black denim and dark blue tee shirt incredibly
well. He knows it too, judging by his posture. He perches on his stool and
crosses his arms, expectant. Perfectly unkempt sandy blond hair, dark brows
spread wide over the darkest blue eyes I’ve ever seen, a patrician nose, two
incredible cheekbones, and the most expressive lips… 
This guy is
fucking hot, excuse my French.
Which are
currently smirking at me. I knew hot guys back home in Prineville. Mostly I
avoided them, truth be told. But this guy is on another level. He is so
dazzling that he could work in television… and bad tv just so
happens to be my weakness. 
around this guy is enough to make me rethink the bright yellow tee shirt dress
I am wearing. I want more than anything to tug the hem down and smooth my hands
over my black tights, but I don’t.
Instead I
blush, fumbling to introduce myself. Sticking my hand straight out and tossing
my messy blonde hair back, I try for an authoritative voice. “I’m Emily Danes.”
At the
front of the classroom, the professor clears his throat, ready to start
talking. My eyes dart to him, but then he reaches for his bunch of tissues
again. Glancing back to my partner, I see him eye me up and down in a totally
unsubtle way.
At last, he
leans forward and shakes my hand. His skin against mine is hot. I bite my lip,
refusing to let a little thing like instant animal attraction do me in.
“I’m Wolf,”
he says, his voice low and gravelly. He looks me over once more. Then he arches
a brow, his smirk deepening. “Did you find all of your panties last night?”
My cheeks
instantly go the exact color of a ripe tomato. I lick my lips and frown. What
am I supposed to say to that?

Vivian Wood

likes to write about troubled, deeply flawed alpha males and the fiery,
kick-ass women who bring them to their knees.

Vivian's lasting motto in romance is a quote from a favorite song:
"Soulmates never die."

Be sure to follow Vivian through her Vivian's Vixens mailing list or Facebook
group to keep up with all the awesome giveaways, author videos, ARC
opportunities, and more!







Amelia Wilde

Amelia Wilde knows
what it’s like to be lovestruck, and she writes it into all of her books.
Authoress of over sixteen spellbinding romances, she lives in the northern
climes of Michigan. It’s very cold, but her sexy husband keeps her very warm.








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