Wednesday, July 8, 2020

One more step ~ Various Authors

➡️It’s here! One More Step is finally here!⬅️ 
In case you missed it, One More Step is an exclusive The Bookworm Box anthology featuring 26 incredible authors! Authors featured in our 2019 The Bookworm Box subscription boxes have contributed to this one of a kind masterpiece.

One More Step Details:
Have you ever been curious how a writer's mind works? The Bookworm Box is proud to present One More Step, an exciting and unique reading experience. Each of the twenty-six authors featured in this anthology were given the same first sentence. Where they took that first sentence was completely up to them.
Each story is different. No Story is related.
The only thing these stories have in common is their starting point. Each author showcased in this anthology was featured in The Bookworm Box charity during 2019. Each author has graciously donated their story so that 100% of profits from this anthology will be going to all the various charities The Bookworm Box is able to support because of you, the readers.

Don’t forget you can purchase One More Step by itself or with autographed bookplates! We have a limited copy of the bookplates, so if you want autographed bookplates, be sure and go get them now!
*Paperbacks will ship out around 7/20* (Due to delays from Covid-19 and the printers getting paper, the paperback of the anthology will have a delay in shipping out to you) This anthology will not be included in a monthly subscription box.

Authors Featured in One More Step: 
Colleen Hoover
Aleatha Romig
BB Easton
S.M. Soto
LK Farlow
A.L. Jackson
K.L. Grayson
Devney Perry
Evan Grace
Lilly Wilde
Amy Daws
Debra Anastasia
Emma Scott
JB Salsbury
Gianna Gabriela
K.F. Breene
Jessica Sorensen
Cathlin Shahriary
Jaci Wheeler
Ginger Scott
T.K. Rapp
M. Lynn
Julie Solano & Tracy Justice
Santana Blair

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